What Is Deja Vu and What Does It Mean?

Date 2/2/2019

Have you experienced deja vu?

Have you experienced deja vu?

If you frequently sense that new situations are eerily familiar or you often think that you've already experienced something that's happening for the first time, you've felt déjà vu. But does this sensation mean that you have psychic gifts or that you're particularly intuitive? Find out what déjà vu is and what this uncanny perception might signal.

What Is Déjà Vu?

Déjà vu is relatively common, so at least once in your life, you're likely to feel as though you've been in your present situation before. You might experience this familiar sensation with some regularity, even as much as once a year. However, déjà vu isn't likely to happen to you quite as often as it does to Bill Murray's character in the 1990s comedy “Groundhog Day,” in which he relives February 2 over and over.

What Does Déjà Vu Mean?

In most cases, this eerie sensation doesn't just happen randomly. Instead, you'll typically experience it for one of four primary reasons.

Memory Matters

No matter how fine-tuned your memory might be, it's far from perfect. It's impossible to retain every detail of the countless circumstances you experience. It isn't uncommon to be in a new situation with familiar elements that you didn't fully commit to memory. This state of half-remembering can make a situation feel strangely familiar and might make you feel like you have strong psychic intuition.

Attention Concerns

Everyday life is filled with countless distractions, and rapidly shifting your attention from one situation to another can give you the sensation of déjà vu. If you become distracted momentarily or daydream briefly while completing a task, returning your focus back to reality can be jarring. You might feel as though you've been in the same situation before when, in reality, you've been there all along.

Cognitive Processes

Most of the time, your mind works in a logical order, experiencing situations first, then storing them in your memory, and finally retrieving them to recall later. If your cognitive processes become jumbled, however, you could perceive and remember simultaneously. A past life reading could help you confirm what happened in the past so you can instantly distinguish what's happening now.

Neurological Issues

In rarer cases, you might feel this familiar sensation if you experience a small seizure or if you have another type of neurological delay. When this happens, some sensory organs perceive surroundings on slightly different timelines, making you feel déjà vu.

When Should You Be Concerned About Déjà Vu?

For most people, feelings of déjà vu aren't anything to worry about. However, you should consider talking with a trusted health and wellness professional if you regularly experience this sensation several times per month. If your déjà vu experiences tend to be particularly vivid or if they're followed by intense daydreams or even loss of consciousness, you may also want to talk with your doctor to ensure you don't have a serious neurological issue.

Curious to learn more about your experiences with déjà vu? A psychic chat online can help you delve into the situations and memories that tend to trigger this uncanny sense of familiarity.


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