What Do My Dreams Really Mean?

Published Date 11/20/2019
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Nothing feels better than waking up from a good dream!

Nothing feels better than waking up from a good dream!

Dreaming is one of the most fascinating functions of the human brain. The ability to dream and what dreams mean has been studied and pondered throughout the ages. These aspects of human consciousness are not well understood, leaving many people wondering what their dreams really mean when they wake up each morning. 

Bridging Science and Spirituality

Many psychologists, including Carl Jung, have connected science with spirituality by recognizing that the ability to dream does have a spiritual sense that's hard to define. In his studies, Jung came to believe that dreams served as manifestations of the subconscious of the brain, using symbols to convey messages. However, certain patterns in your dreams may indicate something deeper than just the brain's way of processing what you encounter in your daily life.

Types of Psychic Dreams

Looking deeper into your dreams can help you determine whether you're experiencing psychic dreams as you rest each night. The main types of psychic dreams include clairvoyant dreams, telepathic dreams, precognitive dreams, warning dreams, lucid dreams, clairaudient dreams, and mutual dreams.

Keeping track of your nightly dreams can help you gain a clearer understanding of your experiences. Certain types of food and drinks can also impact your dreams, so avoid drinking alcohol or consuming dairy prior to going to bed.

Clairvoyant and Clairaudient Dreams

When you dream about something that is happening in your life, this is referred to as having clairvoyant dreams. You might dream about something that has come to pass, such as dreaming about a car accident that you later find out happened while you were asleep. Clairaudient dreams will convey some type of message, possibly in the form of a specific sound or voice that seems to come from nowhere. If you dream of something that frightens you, you could have something fearful coming your way in the future.  

Precognitive and Telepathic Dreams

Foreshadowing, or precognitive, dreams can give you a glimpse into what may happen in the future. These dreams can offer insight into both positive and negative events, such as a vision of someone having a baby or a dream about someone passing away. Telepathic dreams are similar but differ in that they are shared between two individuals who are close to each other. When the dreamer shares the details of the dream with the other involved person, they may come to realize they are having telepathic dreams and communicating with one another in this way.

Warning and Lucid Dreams

When you experience some type of warning in your dream, make sure to take it seriously. You might be warned about something bad that will come to pass in the future. It's impossible to know for certain if the dream is warning you of something, but you may want to take these seriously. Lucid dreams occur when you're conscious throughout the experience, such as daydreaming. You might use these dreams to imagine taking trips to exotic locations or perfecting a skill.

You are your best interpreter when it comes to understanding your dreams and your subconscious. It may also benefit you to discuss your dreams with an online clairvoyant to gain better insight into what they might mean.


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