What Can Simple Playing Cards Tell You?

Published Date 2/3/2014
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

What do simple playing cards tell you? In cartomancy, they say plenty

You've picked up a deck of playing cards countless times thinking they were only meant for games. But the game of life may have hidden messages beyond the Queen of Hearts. It's called cartomancy, a divination tool used by clairvoyants that can help you make choices about your present and future.

Whether you have a question about your love life or if you're going to get a job promotion, the 52 cards in a standard card deck each forecasts trends in your life and how you can turn obstacles into opportunities. By using this method while they conduct a reading, mediums can give you guidance on how to assess the influences enfolding you.

Cartomancy can also give you a better understanding of the experiences you've had in your past and how they come to bear on your choices today. This puts you in a better position to handle whatever life throws at you and helps you move forward in all aspects of your life.

In its simplest form, you can draw one card at random to provide a quick answer or an overall impression of a particular dilemma. This method is also akin to a daily horoscope, letting you know how your day is going. If the single card befuddles you, draw a second for clarification.

More intricate card spreads are needed to get into your circumstances more deeply. When talented mediums conduct a reading based on cartomancy, their intuitive powers are an important ingredient in deciphering the larger issues in your life.

As might be expected, hearts is the suit that governs the emotions, while diamonds are linked to a variety of issues outside the home. Clubs draw attention to business and finances, and spades shed light on difficulties that may be facing you. Whatever their message, the cards used in cartomancy have meanings that go well beyond play time.


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roland8ball: i had a cousin that read playing cards an she was about 95%, on the truth

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