What Aces Mean in a Tarot Reading by Psychic Nancy

Published Date 4/13/2013
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Get the most out of your tarot reading by knowing the cards beforehand.

What do the aces of each suit mean in a tarot reading?

The Ace of Wands: The wands suit represents the creative force in your life. When I see this ace, I tell you to expand your potential and get fired up and eager. I would also tell you to believe in yourself and have faith in your path. This ace promotes confidence and enthusiasm, encouraging you to proceed with courage in your life path.

The Ace of Cups: The cups suit is the emotional force in your life. When I see this ace, I know that you have or will have a great love in your life. I would see you in love or falling in love with someone soon. I would also encourage you to let your feelings show, and get rid of any negativity with your (potential) significant other. You may also have to forgive and forget in certain situations.

The Ace of Swords: The swords suit is the mental force in your life. When this ace shows up in a reading, you may be confused about a situation and want to have a clear understanding. I would tell you to face any problem you have with firm resolve, and to cut through confusing things in your life. This ace also stands for accepting responsibility and righting a wrong. It helps to come right out and ask for honesty from someone at times.

The Ace of Pentacles: The pentacles suit represents the material force in your life. When I see this ace show up in a reading it tells me that you will be safe and protected. I would encourage you to seek out comfortable experiences in your life. This ace can mean that your efforts are going to be rewarded. You may get a raise or reach a goal in your life.

Aces alone are usually a good sign in your life. Something very positive is going to come along.


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