Visualize Your Desired Goals by Psychic Chanel

Date 3/15/2021

Come up with a plan to help achieve your goal.

Come up with a plan to help achieve your goal.

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Have you ever wanted something desperately, but felt you could never get it? I think that many people probably experience this.

I want to share a story about one of my clients that illustrates this. A young woman I'll call Tiffany came to me to find out why she wasn't achieving the thing she most wanted in life, to become a voice-over actress. She was frustrated and angry because her dream wasn't materializing, so I asked her what she was doing to realize this goal. She said she visualized every day but admitted that she had done little else, mostly because she really didn't know what to do.

Visualizing can be very effective, but Tiffany needed to exert physical and mental energy toward realizing her desired goal. I decided to introduce her to the law of attraction and the idea that every action that is focused on a goal actually helps to bring about that goal. After doing that, we came up with a plan to help her achieve her goal.

Tiffany's first step was to find out everything she could from the library and Internet about being a voice-over actress. Next, she had to research what kind of training she would need, where and how to get it, and how much it would cost. And finally, she had to figure out how much time she would need to complete a program, think of ways she could support herself during her training, locate ways to fund for her education, and then apply to institutions that specialize in voice-over programs.

As you might have guessed, the next time I heard from Tiffany, she was on cloud nine. She had been accepted to an acting school that specialized in voice-over work and she had even found a job that was flexible with her new school schedule.

Tiffany says that she will be working in a studio within a year's time, earning a pretty good salary and doing what she'd always dreamed of. And this is all because she was finally able to put energy behind her dream by finding out how to realize it and then set about doing just that.

If there is something you have always wished you could do, I hope that Tiffany's story will inspire you to go after your own dream.


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