Violet Flames Meditation

Published Date 8/9/2012
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There is a way to clear negative energy through meditation, something I recommend to everyone I can.

Over the years meditation has become one of my favorite practices. With years of Martial Arts and Massage Training it has become a way of life. It can be healing in many ways. Just by clearing your head you can improve focus and brain function, and even slow down the aging process. Just deep breathing alone can bring oxygen to all tissues and relax muscles. However, it is not as simple as it looks. Just like any sport, hobby, or job, meditation takes practice to become a professional. And just so you know, the average human has a hard time clearing their head for 3 to 5 seconds at a time. So no worries!

There is a way to clear negative energy through meditation, something I recommend to everyone I can. This will also help you learn to clear your mind the more you practice, until you learn to do it in seconds. You can use it anytime you have a heavy situation, or in dealing with a negative person. It helps to clear any and all negative energy in an instant.

I call this meditation Violet Flames:

Step 1: Set up your environment. It helps to meditate in a dimly lit area, or in candle light. Be sure to put on some soothing music to help you relax.

Step 2: Sit in a chair with your feet together, or with both feet on the ground (you can cut off energy points by crossing your legs). Place your hands on your knees with your palms facing up. By keeping your hands facing up you are receiving energy from the universe.  

Step 3: Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Feel your muscles relax as you see a cord connecting to the heavens and to the earth. Take your time in feeling grounded, and if your thoughts start to linger just come back to seeing this cord.

Step 4: You want to envision violet fires. They are a deep purple flame. Just as you see blue in the flame of a candle, you want to see a light blue color in the middle of these purple flames. Blue is a cleansing color, and purple is a high spiritual color. The flames start spiraling up from the earth around your feet in a positive and negative spiral and begin to follow the cord connecting to the heavens.

Step 5: Once these flames are spiraling around you. You want to push them out as far as you can around your house, apartment, office space or work space, whatever room it may be. Then you want to keep pushing it out even further around the whole building, and even to the parking lot or the yard. And don’t worry it takes time to focus!

From there just open your eyes and enjoy the new clear energy and environment around. Once you get the hang of it, this meditation works instantly and you can use this anytime. See for yourself! Namaste!

by Indigo x8897

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