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Published Date 1/3/2016
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When is it time to take a break from it all?

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Daily Affirmation:

“I have faith that all my fears will be released, and all blocks will be removed from my life so that I can move forward in a positive manner!”
Right now, so much negativity exists within our world, such as terrorist threats, new diseases, gun violence, political madness, and the media is keeping everyone in a constant state of FEAR! It can feel as though you are carrying a large brick on your shoulders. In this information age, too much negative media is draining to your well-being. This is especially true for Empaths, like Atlas, we are known to “carry the weight of the world” on our shoulders.  Which is why, now is the time to rise up, to help each other as we ascend to a higher level of consciousness.  Allow me to explain. 

The Source of it All
We are all connected to a main energy known as The Source (The Universe, God, Spirit, etc….)! No matter what religion or belief system you come from, it all leads to one main Source! It is during meditation or prayer, when we connect to The Source, which also connects us to each other as one consciousness. YES! During these states we do communicate which is how we help each other.
Slowly throughout this year, the cosmic energies are changing. We are all being awakened one by one, with each person having his/her own unique experiences.  I am seeing it more and more as it shows up in my tarot readings with each client. I have watched close friends break the cycle, and change his/her whole inner being within one night. It’s amazing! 

So, if you are experiencing anxiety (a brick on your shoulders), feeling isolated, and/or having a lot of negative situations, it’s because you are being awakened. These feelings come from fighting the connection and communication as one.  It’s time to let go and raise your own vibration to these changing energies! 

The Importance of Letting Go!
When you fully let go, you will realize that we vibrate as one soul with the Earth, The Universe, The Cosmos, and with each other. It’s then that you will find the healing/loving energy your soul has been seeking throughout your life. Spiritual information will start pouring into your brain, and you will remember that you have your own personal power. You create your own reality, your own destiny! If the media is keeping you in a constant state of fear, you forget how to create while your personal power is being sucked right out of you! Turn off the TV and the cell phones and walk away from CNN, Facebook, Twitter, and all the other news sources on your computer or tablet!

It’s Time to Take Your Power Back! 
Whether you use specific visualizations during meditation, affirmations, and/or prayer, as you awaken, you will automatically send healing energy into The Universe! You are changing the world one meditation, one affirmation, and one prayer at a time!

The day is coming when we all vibrate to One Energy, One Love.

Many blessings to all for a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year! 

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