The Significance of Past Lives by Psychic Jenna

Date 7/14/2022
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Do you know who you were in a past life?

Do you know who you were in a past life?

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We incarnate many times, each lifetime having its own life purpose, life chart, life lessons and various experiences. Each lifetime is unique to its time and culture, as well as to the person we were then. There are many valuable lessons we can uncover in our pasts. Exploring them can not only bring about healing, it can lead to transformation.

We often have unfinished business that carries over from lifetime to lifetime. If we’ve been through some sort of trauma, our soul remembers and can be fearful. Seeing the past life helps to understand the current fear, unlocking it from your subconscious and helping you to liberate yourself in the here and now.

Common carry over fears are seen in instances of fear of water, tight spaces, poisoning, heights, things around the neck, flying, driving, particular animals, illness/doctors or hospitals, injustice, pregnancy/childbirth, war, certain cultures or time periods and more. Having an aversion or outright fear regarding any of these without any cause in this lifetime can mean you’re dealing with negative past life carryover. Seeing the past life can help create a sense of separation from that event and help you heal.

We also have positive past life carry over, demonstrated when we feel strongly attracted to certain time periods, cultures, fashions, activities or careers. I’ve done readings where people were roman soldiers, medieval knights, WW2 soldiers, samurai, monks, nuns, shamans, pirates, peasants; the list goes on.

Some people may think the draw they feel is only an interest. But where does that interest come from? Other times there’s no question when there’s a strong connection and feeling of having been there.  This is the most magical, especially when you’re actually standing in the same place. Just by closing your eyes you can imagine the sights, smells, and feelings, and the entire scene plays out for a few brief seconds as if you’ve somehow transcended space and time to that place from long ago.

This is what a past life reading can bring to you; that same brief but absolute connection to the past. It reveals who you were, what you were doing, who was there with you and, if applicable, the manner of death. This insight allows you to release negative aspects and re-connect with positive ones. It gives you access to know yourself more truly and completely.  


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