The Secret Behind the Law of Attraction by Psychic Adele

Published Date 5/30/2018
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Memories of the past can help change your future.

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The book "The Secret" started the Law of Attraction craze years ago, and created a cottage industry around it. This law says that by thinking positively, one can attract positive outcomes. If you want a car, or an attractive partner for instance, you are supposed to focus your thoughts upon receiving these things and the Universe will bring these to your doorstep. Many classes exist to teach people the "secret" behind "The Secret", so they can bring to life their desires.

However, evidence has shown that the clear majority of people (about 99%) who try to use the Law of Attraction to their advantage find that their wishes do not materialize. A tiny percentage of people who do use this principle are spectacularly successful. What makes this minority different from the rest?

I am not saying that the Law of Attraction is inaccurate. I'm simply saying that it is incomplete. The Law of Attraction brings both the conscious and subconscious thoughts and feelings to life. For the Law of Attraction to work, one must also bring their conscious and subconscious in alignment with positive intent.

A Lifetime of Memories
All people, without exception, are programmed since birth through their experiences from ancestral memories, other lifetimes as well as this lifetime. Other entities, contracts and vows may also block positive manifestation. Most one's life is run by these memories, and one must become aware of them, and clear the memories that bring about undesirable outcomes. 

For example, you may have problems manifesting a happy romantic relationship. You may have a normal, stable childhood, and you had no traumatic experiences. Yet if you look at your subconscious, you may find many ancestral memories of abusive or neglectful relationships that leave their energetic signature in your memory. 

The Law of Attraction is like gravity
, in that it will reliably bring you the strongest vibration and memory in your mind, whether it be negative or positive, from your consciousness and subconsciousness. 

Since the subconscious holds 90% of your overall memories, what is in there will determine your decisions as well as what you bring to your life. Your fate is paved by these memories.

For the lucky few that have positive subconscious and conscious memories, the Law of Attraction works in their favor. Like a laser, they can easily and quickly use this natural phenomenon to bring to them what they want, because their vibration from their memories are in alignment with positivity. You bring to you what you have inside of you.

You Have the Power to Change Your Fate
Does this mean that the rest of us are doomed to misery and failure? No, of course not. Therefore, many healing modalities, both traditional and alternative, exist to address this. The first step to lasting happiness and prosperity is to realize that you have the power to change your fate by seeing, understanding and releasing these limiting memories. 

You must go deeper than the present, and dive into the thoughts and feelings of those ancestral memories that you carry, as well as other elements that block you from your dreams.

It doesn't mean that you have to clear every single subconscious memory you can find. It simply means that you can, with some help, discern the ones that get in your way and clear them, so that your present consciousness will have the space and energy needed to manifest the things you want.
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