The Power of the Color Green

Published Date 3/18/2017
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Green holds layers of meaning

Whether you experience it in a natural setting or in a more synthetic manner, green conveys a variety of meanings. Discover the power of the color green, and learn how you can harness some of the most prominent properties of this hue.

Love and Life

As the color of the heart chakra, green is located in the very middle of your body. At the center of your being, the green-hued heart chakra channels the energy from the lower chakras and transforms them into love.

The heart chakra gives you the strength to make connections beyond your own being and form loving bonds. As such, green represents the color of life and vitality. Ask any authentic psychic, and you’ll learn that those who love most openly tend to radiate vivid green energy.

Calmness and Healing

Because it’s located at the center of your body, the heart chakra does more than oversee your romantic energy. It also plays an important role in creating balance in your body and your mind.

As a result, green often represents feelings of peace and tranquility. Some green hues can also help you relax and feel at ease. To achieve a greater sense of balance, try wearing a green stone or green clothing close to your heart, where you can focus this peaceful energy.

Rebirth and Renewal

Also considered an integral color of spring, green stands for rebirth. After a long, cold winter, the first pops of green signal new life and renewed growth across the earth.

Since green colors grass, trees, and flowers throughout the growing season, this hue also represents nature as a whole. Natural green tones stand for growth and fertility in a variety of contexts, and they also evoke feelings of health and wellbeing. Keeping green close to your body can help you feel rejuvenated and revitalized.

Prosperity and Luck

From four-leaf clovers to money, green is a prominent symbol of both prosperity and luck. As such, it’s also an emblem of productivity and progress. Wear green on St. Patrick’s Day and year-round to encourage wealth in every aspect of your life, or connect with a psychic network to learn how to focus this energy where you need it most.

Inspiration and Hope

One of the most positive aspects of green is its reference to inspiration and hope. Since this color symbolizes not only rebirth but also long life, it paves the way for anticipation, optimism, and immortality. In fact, virtually all of the great religions of the world highlight green as a symbol of paradise and wisdom. Meditate with green to renew your sense of hope, to seek out inspiration during a trying time, or to find a constructive path for moving forward.

No matter which of these qualities you want to pursue, keeping objects of this color close can help you realize its powers. Wear a sparkling emerald, a deeply hued tourmaline, a lightly colored peridot, or a distinctive jade to help you capture the power of the color green.

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