The Dance Between Light and Shadow by Psychic Izzy

Published Date 8/15/2020
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

We are all made up of light and dark.

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We often hear about feeling and sending love and light, which sounds wonderful and positive, because it is. This is high vibration love and above energy. However, that positive state can sometimes feel unreachable. We also are aware on some level that we have a darker shadow side, which usually shows up at the worst possible times and can sound intimidating and daunting. But this shadow side of us is just the human side where we shove all our hurts and pains that we do not know how to process at the time it occurs.

Love and light are the true essence of who we are at the core when we were born.

Life truly is a dance between our light and dark sides. The key here is to not blame the dark shadow side. The magic shows up when we learn to dance with both sides. We are made up of light and dark. Dark in us is not usually bad. It is just lower vibration energy that wants to be seen and heard — it should be acknowledged. It is just the holding place for the energy until we are aware of how to release it. 

The best ways to release stuck energy of low vibration:

1. Raise awareness: notice that it is there. This is a critical first step! 

2. Breath into the space stuck energy is showing up (throat, gut, etc.) 

3. Ask the energy to talk with you. For example, if my throat is hurting or restricted, ask your throat questions. What are you trying to tell me? What am I missing?

4. Be quiet and see if you are aware of receiving any message. We may get messages in multiple ways, such as feeling, knowing, hearing, seeing or even tasting. Some messages may take time to be noticed. You can also ask for clear signs or messages that you will not miss or be confused about.

5. Talk to your Angels or Spirit Guides to help you with this process. You can enhance this process through meditation, prayer, yoga and journaling as well as using crystals, essential oils and whatever objects connect with you at a deep spiritual level.

If you need additional guidance finding balance between the light and the dark, give a psychic advisor a call or chat, we are here to help!


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