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Published Date 1/12/2013
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Spirit is energy

Through thousands of readings over the years, there is one question that seems to come up time and time again: “How can I talk to Spirit?”  The question itself is very encouraging because it shows that, as we move forward throughout this life, we are beginning to experience a greater sense of hunger and passion in our lives for Spirit, and we are ultimately becoming more curious about the Other Side.  

Fifteen years ago, when I first surrendered to my calling as a psychic-medium, not much was even heard about the Spirit world and, everywhere I turned, it seemed as though no one was even interested in spirituality.  Today, like never before, there is a new love and interest for the things of Spirit, and people are beginning to wake up to spirituality like never before.  People are literally coming from all across the world and seeking the advice of the gifted Advisors of Psychic Source and genuinely wanting to know more about Spirit.  They are finding a greater sense of passion for the Spirit world and are wanting to experience more than ever before.  

Spirit communication has always been a highlight of my work and career, and when Spirit makes a connection it’s literally life-changing.  I’m writing this article for all of the “seekers” out there who genuinely want to take their spirituality to the next level and begin to experience the greater depths of the Spirit world.  

Let’s get to the basics of Spirit communication.  How does it work?  Can Spirit hear us when we talk?  How is it even possible to communicate with loved ones who have passed over from this life?  More importantly, is Spirit even concerned with us?  

When dealing with Spirit, it’s important to remember that we’re dealing with energy.  At a very basic level, everything around us is composed of energy, and when we leave the physical body, the same energy remains.  When working on my doctorate in metaphysics, I was continually reminded that in order to connect with Spirit, we must first understand that we are simply connecting with energy.  If you put a kettle of water on the stove and begin to heat it up, when it reaches a certain and specific temperature, it begins to boil.  Ultimately, it will evaporate and seemingly disappear.  A simple science lesson from third grade will remind us that the water didn’t really disappear but simply changed form.  It took on a form that we could no longer see with our natural eyes, because the molecules were moving at a very high rate of speed. The same is true of Spirit.  

Beings in the Spirit world are simply existing in an energy that’s continually moving at a very high vibrational level.  Even though we can’t always see it with our natural eyes, it doesn’t mean that the energy isn’t there.  When dealing with Spirit, it’s important to remember that it is always around us.  It never really left; it simply changed forms.  When a loved ones pass from their physical lives, they may seemingly disappear, but it’s only because the energy is moving at a very high rate of speed.
To operate in Spirit in your own life, begin to remember that a shift of perspective is necessary.  It’s important to remember that Spirit is always around us and is always wanting to be acknowledged.  More exists beneath the surface, and there is always more than meets the eye.  With every thought, you communicate with Spirit, and the more you practice it the more precise you will become.  I’ve said for years that ultimately, at some level, we each have a level of intuition in our lives.  The more you begin to trust your senses, the more you will begin to realize that there is truly a whole new world just waiting to be discovered.  

Keep seeking, my friends.

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