Synchronicity in Humans by Psychic Kimberle

Date 5/16/2013

Sometimes, what we think are coincidences may not be "chance occurrences" after all!

Sometimes, what we think are coincidences may not be "chance occurrences" after all!

I have always been a people watcher.  What I love watching more than just people is the synchronicity that aligns people.  It’s like watching spirit in action—my daily evidence of God!  Let me explain what this looks like with some examples.

Nearly twenty years ago I was working in a hospital emergency room doing data entry and processing insurance information.  This was when it really hit me. It was as though the universe was drilling it into my knowing and it hasn’t left me since.  I would watch as two patients would walk in within ten minutes of each other, both with eye injuries. I’d see them sitting next to each other for a few hours, naturally communicating and exchanging in this process.  Other days there would be a cluster of patients with heart conditions or mental health issues.  Walking into the busy emergency room you would think, “Oh dear, we’re going to be here all day long!”

Synchronicity is happens when you ask question in your head and throughout the day you hear answers to your question. You’ll hear random people start talking about the question and unknowingly presenting an option for your answer.

Synchronicity is also when you’re daydreaming about a person from the past, you turn on the radio and the song playing just so happens to be “your song” with that person.   

Clearly you can tell that I don’t believe in coincidences.  I believe that when you realize that all things are here to aid us in our journey, you will allow synchronicity (the messages) to light up your path.  Part of this “knowing” is to trust in the higher vibration. What you have asked for, or what is next on your journey, will unfold for you.  This knowing actually takes off a great deal of pressure for us. If you trust and let go, you allow God to synchronize things for you.   It works best when you trust that you’re not here to be punished, cursed or doomed. God loves every fiber of your being and is always setting up situations for you to experience joy.  
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