Spiritual Energy: Layers of your Body

Published Date 7/14/2012
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Spiritual energy surrounds us.

Just as the body is composed of bones, muscles, organs, cells, nerves, and blood vessels, it is also composed of layers and centers of energy connected by an encompassing energy field.  Living Be-ings are primarily comprised of layers of electrical energy fields and created and directed by the mind.
These spiritual energy layers of your body surround the dense body that you are aware.  We are made of much more light and energy than solid stuff and much more thought and electricity than matter.  All of your spiritual energy layers surround your dense physical body like overlapping layers.


There are four spiritual energy layers of your body; physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental.  The physical body is the energy twin of the dense body and the “transformer” for energy handed through the lines of the different body levels.  This is its purpose, but also it brings the energy and the light from the nonphysical bodies into the dense body.

The next spiritual energy layer is the emotional body, this is the body that experiences astral projection and is the subconscious mind that can be made conscious through physical growth and awareness.  When a human be-ing begins to open in a universal way this is the first spiritual body that is activated.  Working on this level is a highly important sign of progress on the spiritual level.  By working on this level with the emotional body, healing and emotional release clears the way for healing throughout the body.  All human pain is stored in the emotional body level.  Also it must be noted that the pain at this level clouds the mirror of the pure mind.  Each retained painful emotion wrecks havoc on the wellness of the rest of the body, whether dense or spiritual.

The mental body is the next spiritual energy layer.  The mental body is the creative mind, the creative mind meshes with the Universal Mind.  This is important as you become part of the universal mental energy grid.  It’s through our minds we create our own lives and realities.  If we progress enough we can access our Akashic soul records, and we can reprogram our minds.  Spirit guides are accessed through the mental body, as well.  This is the level that holds life’s negative patterns which can be healed into positive growth. 

Once each spiritual energy level has been cleared, something happens.  There is a sense of peace and joy that over come the body, mind and the senses.  Also the shift in letting go of pain enables the mind to let go of physical ailments that have plagued the body for years.  Last, the mind can connect with the higher consciousness in ways that had not been done since birth.  An amazing feeling, so enjoy life, this is why we are born!

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