Seeking Enlightenment by Psychic Cheyenne

Date 3/28/2016

Do you seek personal enlightenment?

Do you seek personal enlightenment?

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Many of my clients are experiencing so much psychically these days! It doesn't mean that they have to become a psychic reader, but it says a lot about what is going on within them and around the world. The days that we are living in has been prophesized by many teachers and elders. The days when mankind awakens spiritually and the new age of peace reigns. The veils become thinner and truth becomes known.

These clients are having precognitive dreams, deja vu, having spontaneous clairvoyant visions, seeing orbs and most importantly: Wanting to know more!

Seeking the Truth
They need to know that we all have within us the innate capacity for these psychic gifts and more. It says a lot about them and their role in the bigger picture! The world is changing, humanity is going through change as well. One by one, we awaken and begin to seek truth and understanding about ourselves, our inner divinity and the world around us. When enough lights come on (people waking up) we reach critical mass and the consciousness of the planet shifts. 

All of you are so very important in this! Many of you have expressed love, kindness and maturity in a world full of competitiveness, unkindness and lack of maturity. Challenging to say the least! You are the way you are supposed to be and it is a good thing. You will find yourselves drawing to you, people of like mind who are more vibrationally similar to you in the months and years ahead. 

Am I On The Right Path?
Many are questioning if they “are on the right path.” My answer is always yes, because it is an inner path and it pulls and magnetizes us to what we need to learn, do and experience. 

Keep seeking truth. 
Keep growing spiritually.
Keep being you. 

You are doing yourself and everyone around you, a great deal of good by being the sensitive, inquiring person seeking enlightenment.

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