Pinnacle Numbers: What They Are, and How to Find Yours

Published Date 6/15/2020
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Learn your pinnacle numbers to better understand your life cycles

If you’ve ever felt long-term cycles begin and end over the course of your life, you’ve likely sensed your pinnacles. Each of these refers to a life-altering lesson you’re working toward, and your pinnacle number determines the period of time that you devote to each. Read on to learn more about these important numbers and how to determine your own pinnacle numbers.

Pinnacle Numbers: The Basics

During your life, you’ll experience a total of four pinnacle cycles. The length of the first depends on your individual life path number. Once the first pinnacle cycle comes to a close, the second and third each last for nine years. Your fourth and final pinnacle cycle runs for the rest of your life.

During each pinnacle cycle, one major lesson or goal will take precedence in your life. This is a significant opportunity for personal growth. If you’re having trouble identifying the nature of this lesson, a live psychic reading can help you work through it.

Why Pinnacle Numbers Are So Important

Each pinnacle cycle encompasses a major period of your life, and the transition from one cycle to another can be difficult and even painful. Since the transition can be significant, it can begin up to two years prior to the start of your subsequent cycle, making for a long period of change. The shift to a new cycle may even incorporate major life decisions, like career changes, marriages, and even changes to your character.

Numerologists generally consider the shift from your first pinnacle cycle to your second to be the most mentally and emotionally challenging. Since this change happens in your late twenties or early thirties, it also leads you toward maturity and a more developed personal identity. Because the shift in cycle points to so much internal change, it’s important to understand your pinnacle cycles and when they begin and end.

How to Determine Your Pinnacle Numbers

To determine your pinnacle numbers, first calculate your life path number. Take the month, date, and year of your birth, and reduce each to either a single digit or a master number, which is 11, 22, and 33. Next add together the results until you arrive at a final single digit or a master number. This is your life path number.

Use your life path number to determine the length of your first pinnacle cycle. If your life path number is one, for instance, your first cycle runs from birth through age 35. Your second cycle then runs from age 35 to 44, your third cycle runs from age 44 to 53, and your fourth cycle lasts through the end of your life. Consider a numerology reading for more information about your life path number and what it means for your life cycles.

Based on your life path number, your pinnacle numbers have a significant impact on the course of your life. Understand when each of your pinnacle cycles transitions to the next, and you’ll gain a better handle on major changes to come and important lessons to learn.

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