Pendulums Dig Deep Into Your Intuition To Come Up With Answers

Published Date 1/13/2014
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Pendulums Dig Deep Into Your Intuition To Come Up With Answers

For generations, everyone from phone psychics to people who are generally interested in spiritualism have used pendulums to gain further insight into their lives.

Using pendulums is believed to be a reliable way to tap into the subconscious mind and connect with the soul to answer many of the questions people have about their direction in life and love.

The power of pendulums to predict outcomes has caused people to use them in a variety of circumstances. While sometimes thought of as an old wives' tale, one of the most popular uses involves swinging a pendulum over the belly of a pregnant woman to determine the sex of her baby. According to the belief, if the chain swings back and forth, she can expect a boy. If it swings in a circle, the newborn will be a girl. 

Through the ages, people have used pendulums to get answers to questions that are worrying them. The theory is that the pendulum brings inner truth from our subconscious mind to the surface.

Putting The Pendulum To Work

A common way to use the instrument is to decide on which direction - back and forth or side to side - will indicate a yes or no answer. It helps to ask the pendulum to show you the direction of "yes," then ask for the direction of "no." If the pendulum's swing is modest at first, there's no cause for concern. It may take time for the tool to pick up your particular vibe and respond accordingly. When you're ready to ask for guidance, clear your mind, focus on a question and wait for the pendulum to respond.

Many people enjoy using pendulums because of the insight it can provide them in their daily lives. It helps them use their intuition as a greater source of self-knowledge and as a guide to making decisions. By seeking the assistance of a trusted psychic, people are able to learn the deeper meaning of outcomes predicted by the pendulum.

Mediums use many tools to tell individuals about their past, present and future. They use Tarot cards, runes, numerology or angel cards. Some people with psychic power rely on their intuition and the help of spirit guides to see things for the people they advise. The pendulum is another tool that's popular with mediums because it can reach into their intuitive powers and result in authentic psychic readings.


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