Passion is the Purpose in Life by Psychic Zoey

Date 9/24/2019

What is it you LOVE to do?

What is it you LOVE to do?

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We all know the feeling. That certain something that makes us feel alive. Whether it’s painting, singing, running or taking care of others, it’s a feeling that adds meaning to our life, makes us complete. 

Consider the artist in her studio, using slow brush strokes while completely immersed in the canvas she paints upon; the writer with fingers flying swiftly over the keyboard, trying to keep up with the images in his mind; the quilter happily watching her pattern take shape. For these, and others indulging in their own passions, time stands still.

A passion doesn’t have to be something dramatic or publicly acknowledged, it just has to pass the criterion of what we love to do. Without this, we simply drift along, listless, unhappy, missing something.

Our Passion = Our Life Path
Another way to look at a passion is to see it as our life path. Each of us has a special and unique direction in life. Universe shows us what it is for each of us. Our direction usually begins early in life: the little girl who likes to be the mommy with her dolls, (caretaker), the little one who is always doodling or drawing (artist), the child who loves to help her mother bake and create little pastries (baker), etc. 

Bottom line: recognize then feed your passion, whether it occupies the biggest portion of your day, or a smaller part “after hours.” This is the energy that powers your life. 

Always Make Room For Your Passion
Whether it’s creating a sculpture that will be displayed in a museum in Washington, DC, or caring for a family that is yours to love and cherish, your passion is what makes your life meaningful. Always make room in your life for this something special. Without it, life loses direction and we just drift along missing the role we are meant to play.

What’s your particular passion? Have you identified it yet?  

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