New Moon in Taurus 2019: Mantras for Nurturing

Published Date 5/4/2019
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Practice Our Taurus New Moon Mantra

New Moon in Taurus Meaning

May’s new moon rises in earthy Taurus. Taurus knows all about the rejuvenating power of nurturing. Nothing can run indefinitely without taking a break. Even Mother Nature rests in the winter. Making sure you or the ones you love feel nurtured is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. If you are an overachiever who breaks out in hives at the thought of an unproductive hour, consider this: people tend to be sharper and more productive after a little nurturing down time. 

Mantras for Nurturing

Taurus knows the feeling of deep satisfaction letting go and enjoying tangible comforts. Who do you know who could use the gift of nurturing? In what ways can you be nurturing yourself? Draw from the May new moon to invoke the power of nurturing.

Create a mantra to use for the rest of this lunar cycle that utilizes the idea of nurturing, or use any of the suggestions offered here:

Nurturing for myself and others is necessity not a luxury.
An empty well gives no relief. I fill my well so that I can give to others.
Mother Nature sometimes needs rest and so do I. 

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