New Moon in Pisces 2019: Mantras to Flow with the Surrounding Energy

Published Date 3/6/2019
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Practice Our Pisces New Moon Mantra

New Moon in Pisces Meaning

The new moon rises in empathetic Pisces in March. Being so in tune with their surroundings, Pisces knows that a good way to thrive is understand the energy around you and work with it instead of against it to move closer to where you want to be. Sometimes everything falls into place and it’s easy move forward with your goals. But oftentimes there are larger forces at work that might make situations less than optimal. Instead of pushing hard against immovable barriers, Pisces energy accepts what is there, but it finds ways to keep on swimming, just working with the current energy available instead of against it.

Mantras to Flow with the Energy Around You

It can be tough to let go of expectations you had. But consider what might ultimately be the most productive towards your goals at this time. If the way you had planned for is barred, try borrowing some of flexible Pisces’ energy to find a detour that might still get you where you want to be.

Create a mantra to use for the rest of this lunar cycle that utilizes the idea of going with the flow, or use any of the suggestions offered here:


I am intuitively connected to the energy around me and harness it as I need it.

I take time to understand my resources and roadblocks and shift accordingly.

I pivot to take advantage of the unexpected gifts offered to me.


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