New Moon in Libra 2019: Mantras to Honor and Remember the Love

Published Date 9/28/2019
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Practice Our Libra New Moon Mantra

New Moon in Libra Meaning

The new moon rises under balanced Libra this month. Libra intuitively understands that life is a constant interplay between opposing and complementary sources. It is impossible to fully cut out the hurt from our lives without cutting ourselves off from the good. There would be no grief if we did not love so much, and vice-versa.

Mantras to Honor and Remember the Love

Loss of a loved one is one of the hardest things we will experience in our lives. It’s a pain that doesn’t leave completely either. A holiday can remind us of their absence, but small things, like a scent they liked to wear or a hearing a joke they might have liked can overwhelm our hearts. 

It doesn’t help to deny that sadness when it comes, but we should take time to honor the good memories we were so lucky to make with a beloved person when they were here on earth with us.  Work with the power of the Libra new moon to create a mantra to help you celebrate the bond with a departed loved one, or use any of the suggestions offered here:

My life was richer for his/her/ their presence in it.
I carry the love that he/she/ they showed me into the way I live today.
Feeling pain means I was strong enough to let love shape my heart.

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