New Moon in Leo 2019: Mantras for Claiming Your Right to Love Your Way

Published Date 7/31/2019
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Practice Our Leo New Moon Mantra

New Moon in Leo Meaning

We are blessed with a second new moon this July, this one rising under the sign of Leo. Sometimes love can be like a second new moon in a month—a little unusual, but perfectly natural. We are living in times where people are beginning to recognize that love can look different from what many of us were raised to expect. Some people just do better when they make room for a definition of love that encompasses a multiplicity of situations as well as partners. You wouldn’t expect a fish to do as well on land as they do in the water, so why should we force ourselves to conform to an ideal that does not reflect who we are?

Leo is a sign that knows the power of owning one’s own truth and stepping out confidently with it. Its energy radiates with a healthy joy that comes from a self-love strong enough to be honest about what it needs. Leo doesn’t worry about living according to anyone’s expectations other than itself. 

Mantras for Claiming Your Right to Love Your Way

Are you ready to be real about what a loving relationship(s) look like to you? You can use Leo’s confident energy to claim your right to define love your way. 

Create a mantra to use for the rest of this lunar cycle that utilizes the idea of owning your definition of love or use any of the suggestions offered here:

I own my definition of what it means to love and to be loved.
My definition of love is right for me and the one(s) I choose to be with. That’s all that matters.
Flowers come in all types, and so does love. 

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