New Moon in Cancer 2019: Mantras for Inviting Passion In

Published Date 7/2/2019
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Practice Our Cancer New Moon Mantra

New Moon in Cancer Meaning
July’s first new moon is reborn under sweet Cancer. Cancer’s energy is all about creating warm and safe spaces for things to grow. No one can deny that passion is a strong force unto itself, but even it needs a good environment to grow in, otherwise it can go out before it’s had a chance to burn bright. In order for passion to take hold you need to be open for it to come into your life and keep a space for it to thrive.

Mantras for Inviting Passion In
Are you ready to welcome passion into your life? You can use Cancer’s gentle energy to invite passion in or help a boost a once passionate relationship that has cooled to get strong again. 

Create a mantra to use for the rest of this lunar cycle that utilizes the idea of inviting in passion or use any of the suggestions offered here:

I am open to have passion enter my life.
I prioritize passion as an important need in my life.
A balanced life is one that includes passion.

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