Energy Healing from the Heart by Psychic Izzy

Date 11/19/2020
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Healing Energy is Everywhere!

Healing Energy is Everywhere!

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I want to teach you three powerful energy healing methods that will change your life for the better. The beauty of these tools is that they all work together to expand their impact: 

1. You are deeply grounded. 
2. You are connected to your higher self. 
3. Your energy is in constant motion.

Let’s Get Started!
Here is a quick technique to give you hands-on experience with your body’s energy. Relax and rub your hands together quickly, as if you are outside on a cold day. Once your hands have warmed up, move them apart and gently wave them back and forth. Can you sense the energy? Can you imagine that between your hands is a ball of energy? It is there, just know that we all have our own unique awareness and abilities. Energy is running through your body and has a powerful impact on your life. You are now feeling the energy that is always there. It is everywhere.

My Approach
I am a Reiki Master and am also trained in a multitude of other techniques. I can tune in and read energy in humans and animals, which is very exciting and powerful. My intention is always to work though love and above positive energy. I enjoy connecting people more deeply with their own unique energy. Your energy is either running smoothly or it is stuck and stagnant. Once you understand energy better, it will benefit you in so many lovely ways. 

As I begin a session, I will ask what you are currently experiencing and what your goals are for the session. Whether you realize it or not, you are in control of your own energy, and only allow in what you decide is acceptable. When I perform a healing session, it is totally unique to you. I have created many healing sessions in person but am also trained to perform distance healing. The effects are very powerful and can be life changing in a positive way. I scan your physical body, energy body and emotional body, noticing and picking up information that will help bring you peace, relief and awareness.

An Energy Tree
I often employ a tree visual to help work through a session. Think of your favorite tree and imagine an energy tree overlaying your physical body. We all benefit from being grounded and connected to our higher selves. I visualize this through my energy tree roots and tree branches. Remember, they both go 360 degrees wide around you. Roots go wide and deep to the core of the earth, wrapping around several times for ultimate grounding. Those roots then bring the power of the planet up into you as they raise back up through your feet and beyond. Your energy tree branches are wide and very tall— rising into the sky until you feel you are magically connected to your source of power. Ahh… From the Earth, through your body, up to the sky and back again — energy is always flowing. Are you aware of this energy moving through you? For many people, this is not something they are initially aware of. Just understanding that energy is impacting your physical, mental and emotional health all day, every day. 

Some people are very sensitive to energy and will tune into the impact of my healing right away. Others may have a hard time interpreting it at first. Regardless of your situation, just be aware that healing is being sent, similar to radio waves for a radio station. The only question is, are you willing to allow the energy in and accept the healing? (Can you still hear music from a radio station even though you don’t see the sound waves?) You hold the power in your hands. 

I am your humble guide and I am very blessed with my gifts and extensive training opportunities. Just remember this — I see the strength and beauty in you, let me empower you to reach for your highest and best life.

“You are responsible for the energy that you create for yourself, and you’re responsible for the energy that you bring to others.” - Oprah Winfrey 

Love Heals ~ Izzy x9366
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