Moon Sign Calculator

Published Date 1/19/2022
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Use This Free Calculator to Discover Your Moon Sign


Moon Sign Calculator

You're probably familiar with your sun sign, which is the primary zodiac sign considered for most horoscopes. However, you also have a secondary astrological sign known as your moon sign. This sign changes about every two and a half days, so you typically need to know the time as well as the location of your birth to determine your moon sign.

Your moon sign impacts your emotional attitudes and how you handle the shifting tides of life. Enter your birth date, time, and location below to learn more about what your moon sign says about you.

To learn more about your moon sign, check out our Moon Sign guide. Speaking with an intuitive psychic can also help you take a deep dive into your personal astrological chart so you can gain a deeper understanding of how the stars and planets are influencing your life.



How to Know Your Moon Sign

With our free Moon Sign Calculator, you can find out your moon sign - one of the most important pieces of your natal chart that isn’t widely available or known the way Sun Signs are.

Typically, in order to calculate your moon sign, you need your birth date, time, and place and access to a detailed database or table. Luckily for those who do not know their time of birth, the Moon doesn’t change signs every day, so for certain days, it’s possible to know your moon sign without knowing your time of birth. Using our moon sign calculator, simply input midnight or noon to get an approximation if you don’t know your time of birth.

Once you know your moon sign, read our detailed Guide to the Moon Signs to understand its significance in shaping your personality, particularly your emotional experience. You can take a deep dive into all the aspects of Astrology in our exclusive Astrology Guide.

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