Mental Health Month by Psychic Tamara

Published Date 5/20/2011
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

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Being fully aware of one's mental state is vitally important. Fleeting thoughts of suicide, or even homicide, are not normal. I know because I've dealt with these issues since I was six years old. There is no shame in admitting one may have a mental health problem. While there is still somewhat of a stigma attached to it, society as a whole is growing more adept at handling such issues with the vast amount of information now readily accessible. Also, it seems with each passing week a different celebrity is coming forward admitting to having mental health issues in some form and is seeking treatment. Not everyone who is depressed need be on medication. Some people with 'situational' depression can usually get over the problem with counseling or a low dose of anti-depressants until the situation is resolved. I have seen individuals who needed such medication while dealing with a divorce or the loss of a loved one. After a short time, he/she was able to get off the medication and get back to life as they knew it before. Others, like myself, are not so lucky. I, for example, suffer with major depression and anxiety which requires several medications for me to simply get through the day. I also have a mental disease called Borderline Personality Disorder which greatly affects my mood and how I interact with others. With the medication and knowledge, I am able to control my problems and live a fairly normal life. Everyone has a few days from time to time when they just feel down, this is not depression. When those days begin to drag out to weeks, then there may be a problem and treatment should be sought. The worst part of having a mental health disorder is simply admitting it and seeking treatment. If you feel you have a problem, get help. If you suspect someone close to you has a problem, talk with them about it and offer to help them through the process of seeking treatment.   *Psychic Source does not replace medical therapy and the gifted advisors are not medical practioners. Please seek professional help if you feel you are in need of medical attention.

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