Manifesting Dreams Into Reality - If You Can Dream It You Can Live It by Psychic Mackenzie

Date 11/3/2017

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes!

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes!

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Just yesterday the sweetest lady, age 80, Madeline, yes a grand age and beautiful soul said to me, “If you can dream it you can live it! I had a dream a few months back, Mackenzie. I dreamed I met a younger man. I woke up knowing it couldn't be true and what would I do with a new man anyway? At my age, it would be the blind leading the blind literally, but it happened Mackenzie, it did. I met Carl at church and he is younger too. We're spending almost every evening together talking about the good old days. Was my dream really a sign of things to come?”

Madeline continued, “Carl's company makes me very happy. Should I listen to my dreams better next time and believe? Did I want a new companion so bad that I used my dreams to make it come true? Help me understand dreaming, please? This dream happened Mackenzie and it feels there is something I need to understand, can you help?”

This is the perfect example of someone realizing that we really can manifest into reality what we dream and yes, I can help.

“Our subconscious minds have no sense of humor, play no jokes and cannot tell the difference between reality and an imagined thought or image. What we continually think about eventually will manifest in our lives.” - Robert Collier

Types of Dreaming

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes, examples include:

Remnant Dreaming
- Some dreams are remnant and scattered events that flip back and forth from one thing to another, remnants from the day's events or short and long-term memories scrambled. These are the more normal dreams although can be quiet fun and seem fairly abnormal when you're signing with Celine Dion or creeping out the Caribbean with the Kardashians lol. This type of dreaming can be very relaxing because of the often off the wall nature and images being thrown at you.

Vivid or Lucid Mind Images - These dreams are presented as colorful, in-your-face images mainly powerful mind images either one single image or many images either disturbing or peaceful. Reported by Psychology Today, who reports that vivid dreaming can benefit our brains, so is a good type of dreaming no doubt, it shouldn't frighten us to have a vivid or lucid dream. Read more here on why this type of dreaming is a natural way to calm ourselves and how vivid dreaming is related to REM (Rapid eye movement while we dream). 

Prediction Dreaming - Signs of things to come or a manifestation dream of something you want to come true. Yes, we can use our dreams to make our dreams come true. This is the type of dream that my sweet Madeline had, above. A prediction dream is one we particularly pay attention to so that we can help manifest it into reality or change its reality by using it as a warning, a need for change. 

Daydreaming – The power of a daydream and how we spend our waking hour's thinking is so immense it seems impossible to explain yet if you can imagine all your dreams coming true then it's a start of seeing the power of how daydreaming can change our lives. Daydreams, a common form of dreaming or thinking throughout the waking day. We use daydreaming to calm ourselves, to motivate, to relax, and as a visualization tool, thinking into the future and seeing things happen.  We use the magic of daydreaming to control our energy, a blessing indeed.
The Blessing of a Dream
Dreams are a blessing, a gift and a tool given to us for obvious divine purpose and reason. For centuries scholars have attempted to define and understand dreaming. To avoid our dreams or discount their purpose can and should be compared to avoiding our cognitive lives, the one we are fully aware of. Dreams are important, no doubt about it.

Manifesting Dreams (or How to Live the Dream with Guided Meditation)
For me, learning how to control my dreams, guiding them, meant learning how to manifest great joy and yes riches, spiritual wealth abundant. Each time I close my eyes, knowing I will sleep soon, I prepare my dreams. As good as a dream can be controlled, my intent is to guide my subconscious. 

The steps for a guided meditation that are personal to me:

1. Cleanse My Mind
- I do this daily in the mornings when I cleanse my body. Without a daily healing, our day won't go as well. The same principle applies to me before I dream. Each night, when I attempt guided meditation, I cleanse my mind first. I ask questions so that the subconscious becomes aware of my conscious and what it is I would like to know and to get those answers the foundation is a completely cleansed and clear mind. Learning this can often be a lesson in and of itself. Read more articles on energy healing right here on Psychic Source.  

2. Concentrated Visualization
– After my mind is fully Zen, yes Zen lol, I breathe and feel my breath. I concentrate fully and visualize the questions I need to know or I might approach the concentrated visualization with a simple question, “What is it I am supposed to learn tonight?”

3. Journaling
– I have kept awesome various colorful journals since a young child. When I read through some of my own ancient scripts I see so many different phases of learning and it inspires me to love myself even more and then some. Journaling for me is personal because I'm inspired by change.

Assigning Meaning – That's What Dreams Are All About 
Of course, dreams have a mind of their own. It's not always easy to manifest our dreams at the drop of a hat, but it's certainly a natural tool to guide us into manifesting just about anything. A dream for me is where my magical alter-ego arrives into my mind to teach me, my inner voice telling me this or that. Every dream to me is a lesson, a sign of something that I am supposed to focus. And, I teach to manifest love or wealth we must dream it first, not just think it, we should literally dream it.

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RosieReal: Great article Mackenzie. I have always been a dreamer and paid attention to my dreams. Have you ever had traveling dreams where you travel to someplace you've never been then later in life, you recognize the place? I also have dreams where I'm other people, yet myself at the same time. Both the observer and the observed. Anyway, it feels like it's all coalescing now. I'm going to let go and trust in the outcome. Without fixing on a time frame for when I think it should happen. Thank you for your encouragement and your advice.

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