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Published Date 4/12/2018
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

What is the true power of living in the moment?

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It's been said a thousand times, but in my world, until it's felt it's not really heard.

I made a joke once as I was counseling someone. “Why is it that therapists want to learn all about our past, yet seem to want us to forget it after?” What is the true power of living in the moment?

Powerful Truths about Living in the Moment

1. No kidding
– we can't change the past, but we can learn from it. Talk about power. Learning from the lessons in our past, really learning by acting or reacting different and changing the energy for a better outcome is powerful and brings peace and happiness of course.

2. Using “now” as your daily waking mantra
– repeating the word now over and over can bring peace of mind abundantly. We all have different mantra methods but installing the “here” and “now” into our subconscious is powerful without a doubt.

3. You can heal your life by living in the moment
– what a powerful truth knowing you can heal your life just living in the here and now.

Stop Stop Stop!

Stop worrying about what others think.
Stop judging yourself.
Stop with the guilt, anxiety and stress as they are not fair emotions, especially if you're already trying hard to change something and we're all changing daily, right? 

Take this week to focus on living in the moment
– and what the here and now offers. Just writing about it makes my own energy jump go through the roof, it's refreshing to put the past in the past.

Are you grappling with low-energy issues, spiritually speaking of course? If so, go to our free energy healing guide. It will give you helpful tools to use and plenty to ponder and in setting forth with your weekly focus as you begin 'living in the moment'.

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