Life Coach or Intuitive Psychic?

Published Date 7/3/2012
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Practicing to trust oneself is a life-long process.

Surrounded by esoteric people my entire life gave me a vast definition of 'normal.' Whether learning to read tarot from my aunt or being audience for my grandparents ghost stories, mystery and paranormal were, well, normal.

There were uncles and of course my father who balanced metaphyscial life with secular teachings that lessened the phone calls home from school about my tarot cards and crystal pendulum Show & Tell. I knew enough to be myself, with mystical charms and Vulcan logic to make it through childhood.

Along with learning the technical parts of metaphysics, I exercised my intuition. Practicing to trust oneself is a life-long process, but with time, maturity and those technical lessons, one reaches a point where one is ready to share these gifts with the world.

In recent years, I've had the pleasure to meet people who call themselves, 'Life Coaches.' When examining their education and practices, it appears that a 'Life Coach' and 'Intuitive Psychic' are relatively close in definition.

I define both 'Life Coach' and 'Intuitive Psychic' as a person who uses technical lessons, experiences and education to advises people on how to solve their problems and reach their goals in life.

Yet, 'Life Coach' is an exceptable term where 'Intuitive Psychic' a still taboo.

Isn't a 'Life Coach' and 'Intuitive Psychic' one in the same? I think so. What do you think?

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by Sandra x8688


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