Letting Go for Happiness

Published Date 6/25/2012
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

What you put out comes back four-fold!

There is much anger, hatred and depression around us all - but by Staying in the Light of Spirit, you can get through it and live a more productive, prosperous life. If you believe in the old adage that "what you send out, comes back to you four-fold", then it goes without saying that the more anger, hatred or depression you send out, the more of it ye shall get back. Furthermore, the more love, light, happiness, and joy you send out, the more of that you'll get back.

If there's something you're unhappy about, deal with it now - face it "head-on" without delay - and then let it go. Saying you "want someone back" in your life is one thing - wishing unhappy or mean, evil things toward that person so they'll come back to you only makes them stay away from your life longer (that is IF they were meant to come back to you in the first place). Wishing animosity toward someone or wishing "bad things" happen to them only makes those things (the "bad things" you're wishing to happen to them) come back at YOU, and you'll find that your OWN life seems to suffer, and it doesn't affect them or their lives at all. What you think, you manifest - What you send out, you get back.

Everyone is born of true love, full of Light, and happiness, joy, etc.  People learn to be angry, depressed, prejudice, hateful, etc. YOU have the CHOICE to be of Love, or be of Anger and hate/resentment. It's your choice to be kind or hateful, to be happy or resentful, to be joyful and thankful or to be mean to others. Even if you don't like who they're dating, what they're doing in their lives, etc.  LET IT GO, and you'll find more happiness in your life. One big thing to remember is this: "Do I REALLY want them back? After what happened/what they did to me?" The answer lies within your true Inner Core of being. And remember that they didn't do anything to you that your soul didn't allow to happen - So it's half your responsibility too. No one can do anything to you that you don't "spiritually allow" to happen in the first place. The KEY is to LEARN from the experiences. We are not humans having a spiritual experience - We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience.

Be not of hatred and anger - that's a 3rd dimensional thing.  Be Of 4th or 5th Dimensional thinking and send out LOVE and shine your Inner Being's Light of Joy and happiness throughout the world, and ye shall see it come back to you many times over.

If more people would worry as much about their own lives and their OWN souls as they do about being controlling over another or gossiping about others, this world would be a happier and nicer place to live and exist.

Are you aware we're already in the 4th dimension? That's what's going on folks - those living in (or out of) fear are being immobilized...Those coming from and living in a place of love are empowering themselves and moving toward this dimensional change we're heading for - the 5th Dimension (they call it)....a place where you soul will understand and know. Fear, betrayal, anger, resentment, etc - those things are 3rd Dimensional levels of vibration.....they have no place in the 5th dimension which is pure love, happiness, joy, etc. The 4th Dimension is to alter us - those who adjust shall conquer and enter through the Spiritual Doorway with the rest of us who are preparing ourselves. Those who don't adjust, heal, and try shall stay stuck here. What's your choice? I'm "buying my own little island where only nice folks can come live" is a saying I always tell folks....the New Dimension IS MY ISLAND! Come live harmoniously with me in peace, joy and love.

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