Learning Gratitude - Part Two by Psychic Jackie

Published Date 5/14/2016
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When you are grateful for people, it's hard to be angry at them!

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In Part One, Psychic Jackie shared a personal tale about gratitude and how she didn’t really understand it as well as she thought.  If you missed it, click here to read, then return and enjoy the conclusion of her two part article on Learning Gratitude. 

I went to my old friend Smitty and told him the story about LuLu and Darlene (see previous article). Smitty was a kind, smart and funny, retired Colonel who had been shot down in Vietnam. He was always filled with advice. 

Smitty shared five nuggets of wisdom with me that I still live by to this day, and I wanted to pass them along to you and pay it forward. 

1. If You Are Honest You Are Grateful
If you are honest you are grateful, because you always know that you are not a victim and we are routinely given second chances that we don't deserve. 

2. Growing Gratitude in your Life is a Spiritual Quest
The more honest you are, the more grateful you become. The more grateful you become, the more honest you are. Honesty and gratitude feed each other. You have to nurture them separately so they can nurture each other.

3. You May Have to Work on Being Grateful
Just like you may have to work on being honest, you need to work on being grateful. Gratitude lists are a start. A gratitude journal is better. Thanking whatever higher power or God daily or even hourly is a good beginning.

4. Don't Miss the Miracles
Smitty said that sometimes people are ungrateful because they "miss" the miracles. Miracles happen daily, almost minute-by-minute. We get so wrapped up in living our lives that we can miss the miracles. The thing is that miracles happen so fast that we have to develop the skills to acknowledge them. If you don't see the miracles, you aren't grateful. So a lot of the work we do to become grateful, is to notice the miracles and note them on our lists, in our journals and in our "thank you" prayers.

5. Stock Up on Gratitude
Then Smitty said, that I should "fill my bucket up with miracles" and store them up for a rainy day. He believed that we can store gratitude like the charge in a battery, and take it out and open it up in our lives, to get us through the tough times. He said that he was so grateful for his wife that he survived Viet Nam. He made it a life-long practice to appreciate small unique things in other people to be grateful for. It's hard to resent someone, or be angry at someone, if you are grateful for them. 

Gratitude is after all, a form of love.

Sadly, my friend Smitty has long ago passed on.

The course in gratitude he gave me has lived on in my heart for decades. I am so grateful to have had him in my life. And today I feel that gratitude, and understand it so much better than I ever would without Lulu, Darlene and Smitty.  
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