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Published Date 3/27/2018
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"Each individual has the responsibility to cultivate their inner voice."

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The myth of not speaking unless spoken to, and a women’s place must be beside a partner anywhere in his castle, whether in the kitchen, in the bedroom or children’s nursery are still strong beliefs that resonate within some of the clients that I dialogue with daily. The old mental dogma is misguiding.

Living One’s Truth
As I divinize then I see for many individuals that the intent is on their immediate intimate relationship, and on whether it will transpire into a long-term relationship. Too often, the importance of living by ones’ truth gets buried by the mental pressures of “I must be in a relationship to feel worthy,” “I must be focused on work,” “I must have money,” “I must take care of children and my family.” These may be realities, but this constant inner chatter is also demoralizing for the soul. The inner chatter can rob an individual of their ability to find meaning for self-truths.

There is a gross misunderstanding with the word “selfish.” I see it as an inspiring, encouraging and empowering word that views, “ISH” as an acronym that means: “In Self, I, See Her.” Welcome self-dialogue that is found in self-development, self-awareness, and self-love. Accept the full meaning of the word, “SELF-ISH”! 

Cultivate Your Inner Voice
Females, and the world community must be mindful that each individual has the responsibility to cultivate their inner voice. It is that inner voice that will lead toward understanding of your unique place on Grandmother Earth. Learn to recognize and embrace your gifts. Create your beauty in all the nuances that is much, much more than the physical manifestation. 

The women’s movement is about the social & political reality for equality. It is also for women to find their inner equality, and that means being courageous to find balance between “me” and “we.” Women can change their mental programming from believing that an intimate relationship must be with a man, and, is a basic human necessity like food, water, clothing and shelter.

Discover Your “Self”
Fortunately, there is a much bigger picture to integrate in the self-dialogue. Psychic Source is a wonderful opportunity for you to discover “self.” Allow the divinatory gifts of the psychics at Psychic Source to help you find your inner voice and to create from within and outside. You are a beautiful work of art in progress. Nurture the many aspects of self that will be revealed onto the canvas that will reflect your unique self-portrait. Remember, there are no mistakes but etchings into the replete you!

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