How to Scry

Published Date 10/8/2018
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Any reflective surface can be used to scry.

Divination offers a way to see glimpses of your future, and scrying is one of the most popular tools for the job. This is largely because you can use just about any reflective surface for the job.

If you've always wanted to give your inner intuitive a chance to surface, follow these steps to scry.

Choose a Scrying Medium

You can buy a scrying crystal or mirror if you want to use an "official tool." A scrying crystal often resembles the stereotypical symbol of a crystal ball, while a scrying mirror is simply a mirror with a black backing.

For the frugal among you, consider making your own scrying mirror. It's a simple job that will take fewer than fifteen minutes. Once the paint dries, you can start to scry.

Alternatively, choose a reflective surface anywhere in your home. A traditional mirror, a bowl of water, or a strip of metal will suffice.

Prepare Your Environment

If you want to see results from scrying, you'll need a quiet, safe place to begin the ritual. Your bedroom or your empty living room might work. Eliminate all distractions, however, such as your smartphone.

Set your scrying tool on a stable surface and sit down in front of it. Close your eyes for a few minutes to calm your mind and prepare yourself to divine the future. Try not to think stressful or confusing thoughts.

Meditate until you're relaxed but not sleepy. You want to keep your mind sharp, but you don't want negative or distracting thoughts to interrupt the process.

Form a Purpose

Do you want answers to a question? Insight into a particular area of your life? Concentrate on the purpose or topic for which you want to scry. This is similar to the process of developing questions for live psychic advice.

Think about your topic or issue for a few minutes, then open your eyes. Look at your scrying tool and imagine that your physical eyes are sharing a beam of light with the reflective surface. Allow information — images, in particular — to flow from the device.

Open Yourself to Answers

Some people see physical manifestations in the scrying tool, while others form mental images as they meditate on the scrying device. Neither result is better than the other.

You might not see anything the first time you scry. Don't feel disappointed. Instead, try again the next day. The more you practice, the better you get.

Learn Meanings for Symbols

Some people see symbols while they scry. If you're not sure what the symbols mean, describe them for your phone psychic. He or she can help you discern their meanings so you can use them to inform your path forward. Alternatively, you can research the symbols on your own.

Scrying is an ancient method of divining the future. Use it to understand your future and to make informed decisions. If you struggle to "see" anything, remember that most people require practice before they become accomplished. The images will come if you leave yourself open to them.


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