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Published Date 9/14/2021
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Struggling with issues of faith? Psychic Rowan has created a guided meditation you can use to overcome anxiety, dissolve fear, and apply Faith to your intentions.

“From bitter experience she knew that pictures thrown on the screen of her imagination could seem much more unnerving and terrible than the actual facts.”
― Hannah Hurnard, Hinds' Feet on High Places

Many years ago, I read the allegorical and beautiful book called Hinds’ Feet on High Places. It is a story about a young girl on a pilgrimage; a terrifying journey that she must take alone. Her name at the start of this tale is Much Afraid, and through her Hope and Faith she sets out, learning many important lessons and experiencing self-reliance. Along the way, a kind man tells her that she would have feet like hinds (also called mountain goats), and that she would walk upon high places. Hinds are incredibly agile and can often be seen climbing impossibly steep cliffs and mountainsides!

This is very hard for her to believe; indeed, she is physically challenged with a disability that affects her feet. Somehow, she finds the courage to take the first steps and although I won’t spoil the rest of the story for those of you who have not read this tale, I bring it to attention here for very good reason.

The epilogue in the edition I owned is the most profound description of Faith that I’ve ever read. I will try to relate it here, in my own words, and encourage the reader to look for an old copy of this book by author Hannah Hurnard, where this epilogue may be found.

Hannah describes how she traveled to the Alps for a sabbatical to write this book, published in 1979. At the time she traveled there, they were using a very old method of transporting people to the retreat; it was the predecessor to the modern ski-lift, with a narrow seat, and without lap-bars. She details how her fear of heights almost paralyzed her, and how difficult it was to get into the rickety lift. The name of this contraption is the Sesselbahn and it is still used today in many parts of Europe.

Just before she was hoisted into the air by noisy machinery and chains, a cheerful operator told her “Don’t look down; you’ll fall out if you do!”. With horror she realized that she had nothing to keep her from falling out if she did, indeed, tip too far forward! At this point Hannah had no choice but to sit back, literally, and enjoy the ride. She writes about how she had to simply trust that if she leaned back and relaxed into the seat, that she would safely arrive at the top. What’s more, she had the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent view of the Swiss Alps from that perspective!

Those who are incredibly adept at using Faith to manifest things in life are often called prayer-warriors. Faith is difficult to define, and sometimes even harder to put into practice, because it requires something of us before it can be activated.

Our I-magi-nation is the beginning of our understanding of the outer world therefore visualization can be very powerful. If you are struggling with understanding how to tap into this amazing ability to Trust in the Creator, (whatever you may conceptualize this Force to be) and when you next need to have some Faith, listen to our guided meditation, where we take you for your own imaginal (inner-magi) journey to the top of your own proverbial mountain.

We encourage you to work this mind muscle. It becomes more powerful and energized every time you do it. The Law of One and Ra material says of meditation with intention, that it doubles in effect with every repetition. This can be seen in the halls of worship of every religion, with each oft said prayer, incantation, ritual and consecration; when we spend time in meditation every day, it becomes more powerful and eventually helps us to melt (or burn) away anxiety and fear that has no useful purpose, but instead can render us inert, and helpless to take those first brave steps.

May Faith carry you through tough times, always.

Bright Blessings, Rowan


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