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How to Make the Law of Attraction Work for You

Date 4/11/2022
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How To Make The Law of Attraction Work For You


In recent years, the term Law of Attraction has been bantered about quite a lot. There have been numerous books, articles, movies, testimonials, and documentaries released on the subject. And each time you tune in to one of the above, hopefully, you glean a little more information that will help you obtain what it is you desire to have in your life.


What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is a metaphysical principle that like attracts like. Happy attracts more happy. Sad attracts more sad. Every feeling carries with it a vibration that resonates with and is amplified by vibrations of the same frequency. This is as much a natural law as The Law of Gravity. It is how the universe works on an energetic level.

A foundational tenant of this principle of “New Thought” is that thoughts precede feelings. For every circumstance we experience, our mind creates thoughts that influence how we perceive the circumstance – in short, how we feel about it.

Putting modern psychology together with an understanding of metaphysical principles, we see that our subjective reality – our thoughts and the feelings our thoughts have triggered for us create a vibrational signature that attracts more of the same. When we change the way we think about things, we can change the way we feel, and by extension, how we attract. This is the essence of the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is always at work. Having this knowledge will help you steer your thoughts and feelings into creating a joyful and happy outcome as opposed to unhappy situations.

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How Does the Law of Attraction Work

How Does the Law of Attraction Work?

Remember, it is not your thoughts alone that create your life circumstances, but it is the feelings and emotions attached to the thoughts that send out messages into the ether. These feelings are energetic in nature and when released into the atmosphere they seek out and find other energies which are similar. When the emotional energies find a match, they are automatically drawn into your life and you get to experience them.

If you want to bring about something in your life, regardless of what it is, begin vibrating at a level that is congruent with your desired reality.

To be clear, if you want a fancy new sports car, we’re not saying you should vibrate like a Lamborghini. The Law of Attraction is working at a feeling level. Your ability to revel in the feeling about what it’s like to get or have the new car, to not only see it in your mind’s eye, but to feel the experience as if you already have it, is what will begin to shape your future.

As our Advisors explain, it is very beneficial to be aware of what you are routinely thinking and feeling. You have certain feelings, desires, belief systems, etc. that you have been taught or have learned during your life on Earth. As you are automatically releasing these emotions and you are automatically creating your life. Our Advisors will help you to make these unconscious thoughts and feelings visible so that you can choose how to respond.

Thoughts Guide Emotions

If you feel overwhelmed because you wonder how you can possibly get a handle on each and every thought in order to send out the right ones, try not to worry. First, it would be pretty much impossible to grab each thought – you think thousands every day. So, use your awareness of your feelings as the starting point, and work backward.

Thoughts are just triggers for creating your emotions. Maybe you remember a special event that made you exceedingly happy. When you think about that event and the happy feelings, then automatically, other happy events start flooding your mind. And before you know it you’re walking around with a smile on your face and feeling really good!

Then perhaps you start thinking about your goals and desires while you are in this happy frame of mind and you generate, in your mind and imagination, those happy feelings towards your goals and desires. And then, eventually, just the right people, places, and events start presenting themselves to you so that your goals and desires become a reality.

Take some time over the next few days to observe your life. Ask yourself if this is the lifestyle you want to have. There are bound to be areas that are fabulous and other areas that you want to change for the better, using your feelings as a guide. Then, in consultation with a trusted spiritual guide such as one of our Advisors, ask for help discovering the unconscious thoughts that lie behind the emotional energies you have been sending out that need to be changed.

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Thoughts to Manifest the Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction Thoughts to Manifest

If it sounds like the Law of Attraction is a lot like positive psychology, it’s true. Positive thinking is a core practice within the Law of Attraction, but the LOA goes a bit further in breaking down the steps to manifestation.

As Psychic Carmaleena explains: “The difference between positive thinking and the Law of Attraction is that the Law of Attraction takes the practice from a simple wish to manifestation. By focusing your thoughts on what you want to manifest, believing that it already exists in a parallel reality and feeling the joy of having received it already, you actively use your thoughts and feelings to draw that reality to you. Having knowledge about the process gives us the awareness and the ability to create a joyful and fulfilling existence through focused attention about our thoughts and emotions.”

How do you change your thinking?

Perhaps you’re thinking, ‘I can’t help feeling what I’m feeling. There are circumstances in my life that would make anyone feel the same. What do my thoughts have to do with it?’

Sometimes in life we become stuck. We feel weighed down by our circumstances and this negativity can spread to all aspects of our life. We forget that we have the power to choose how we respond to circumstances, and hand over our power to other people and circumstances beyond our control. As a result, we feel victimized, which is a terrible place to get stuck. To move forward, we need to identify our thoughts and reframe them. How do we do that? By starting with the feeling and working backward to the thought. Once a thought is identified, it loses the power of working behind the scenes in an unconscious way. Now you can see it for what it is and decide if you want to change it. You get to be the author of the stories you tell yourself. You have the chance to reframe your experiences, even the negative ones.

A positive way of looking at these experiences is to remember that without the bad, we could never fully appreciate and enjoy the good that we have waiting for us in our future. At the same time, however, that doesn’t make going through the bad times any easier. Psychic Artemis shares, “When I am down, after I wallow a bit, I realize it is time to take back control of my life.” Here are some of her tips for getting control of your thinking process:

  • Start a Gratitude Journal. Being grateful is a vital aspect of manifestation and an orientation to life that you can master with practice. You not only need to be grateful for the things you already have, but you must also be thankful, in advance, for the circumstances you desire. For example, one may say ‘I am grateful that I have a job right now AND I am so grateful for my new job, where I am more appreciated and paid well.’ Start by committing to writing 10 things you are grateful for each day; five things you have in your life now, and five things you want to see manifest into your life. A journal is a key tool in manifesting as it helps you to get your thoughts and desires on paper. It is nice to go back through your journal to see how far you have come.

Power Tip: Stay out of the Weeds. If you’re constantly asking yourself “How Will I Ever Make That Happen?” and then trying to script out every step in perfect detail, without realizing it you’re moving from a heart-centered practice to an ego-driven approach. Your mind is trying to control every step, in essence doing the work of the Universe in bringing about change in unexpected ways. While there’s a place for planning and logic (more on that in a bit), there is also a place for that which is beyond our grasp, which is why the LOA is considered a spiritual practice. The “how” is not for you to worry about. As long as you are confidently working toward the goal at hand, your desire will make its way into your life one way or another.

  • Let the Universe Be Your Guide. To manifest positive energy, you must believe in a higher power, whether you call it God, the Universe, or something else. It's there for you. It's always been there for you. When you trust in it, you can stop hoping for things, and begin knowing that you're going to get them. Your feet are on the floor, the Earth turns on its axis, and good things will come your way.

Power Tip: Seek the Highest Good. To be a conscious creator, you want to consciously align with the Universe in manifesting the highest good for yourself and others. For example, let’s say you want to attract true love. This is the highest good you seek, and you want to align with the associated feelings of having it come into your life. Now there may be a crush of yours that you are imagining having true love with; this is a very specific ‘use case’ and your ego’s attempt to control something (or someone) you really have no control over. However, there may be something about this person, hidden from the surface, which would make achieving true love with them impossible. Maybe they are controlling, and you have not yet witnessed that side of them. Let’s say you begin journaling and visualizing true love with this person, but it never happens. Some might get discouraged and say, “The Law of Attraction doesn’t work, I’ve tried everything; I kept my faith and I never got what I wanted!” But Universe was just protecting you! You wanted TRUE LOVE. You didn’t know it, but you could have never had true love with the person you thought you wanted it with. The Universe made sure you didn’t have to go through a bad relationship because that is not what you are asking for - you are asking to manifest true love!

So how do you make sense of the bad relationship, the health scare, the job loss – all the things in life that you did not want to manifest? Some people dismiss the LOA as making everyone personally responsible for every bad thing that has happened to them. Or they ask, how could a loving God/Universe/Higher Power allow bad things to happen to me?

It’s natural for such circumstances to trigger a crisis of faith in any believer. Often there is a lesson or higher purpose to come from the experience that is not apparent, and even people of faith sometimes believe that there are random things that happen that there can be no sense made of them. Speaking to a trusted spiritual Advisor can help you make meaning of these seemingly random circumstances and tragedies.

  • Train Your Focus. Start working at countering every negative thought you have with five positive thoughts. This is different than not thinking the thoughts in the first place, an exercise that is sure to fail. Instead, we need to let those ‘undesirable’ thoughts come in in order to identify them, and then consciously switch our focus to the thoughts we want to focus on instead. It can be very difficult, but if you practice this enough, a habit of focusing on the positive will be formed.

Just as you can manifest positive things, you can also manifest depression, failure, and assorted mishaps. Stop focusing on the glass as half empty or your life will become half empty. You must acknowledge whatever thoughts are real for you but don’t have to stop there. Train your mind to focus on all your blessings and all the things you want and start picturing how you can achieve them.

Power Tip: Mind Your Words. When thinking about what you want, pay attention to whether you water down your desires with phrases like "I hope" or "I think" or “Someday, I would like...” They’re not strong enough to manifest your deepest desires. Speak confidently, as if you already have what you want.

Reading positive or self-help books is a good way to get ideas for how to switch your thoughts from negative to positive. Surround yourself with positive people and walk away from anything that remotely looks like a pity party. Always talk to yourself in an optimistic and loving manner. And know that although the Universe is there for you, you must trust in yourself as well. Are you going to become your own worst enemy or your own best friend? It's your decision, but clearly, one option is better than the other. As Psychic Carmaleena reveals, “we are here to experience joy, happiness, peace, and all manner of good things. Once we acknowledge that we are entitled to have positive things happen to and for us, then we can begin to channel our thoughts and energies to create a life that brings us all we desire.”

Manifesting requires effort. Simply knowing about the Law of Attraction and daydreaming of the life you wish you had, is not enough. You first need to choose a goal and decide, without a doubt in your mind, that you can and will make it happen. Your efforts must be focused, and the desired outcome must be clear.

What we focus on, we attract, because our feelings follow our focus. If we’re focused on the things about which we’re worried or stressed, our feelings of worry and stress will be amplified. The answer is not to avoid the practical things we need to deal with. We need to deal with them AND also make time to get really clear about what we want. Our goals and dreams need focused energy and attention too. Dreams are a direct link to our emotions. So, whether you’re sleep dreaming or daydreaming, you want to focus on the feeling and pay attention to what you can do right now in the present moment to achieve your goals.

Let’s break it down.

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Visualizing the Law of Attraction

How to Visualize

Visualizing your hopes and dreams puts the power to succeed in your hands. Visualization teaches your brain to recognize resources that can help you achieve your hopes and dreams. It creates an inner motivation, promotes positive thinking, and helps you stay focused on long-term goals. The idea behind visualization is that if you can “see” your hopes and dreams, you're more likely to achieve them.

Your reticular activating system, which serves as the gatekeeper of information between the body's sensory systems and the conscious mind, cannot distinguish between reality and synthetic reality. In other words, visualization allows you to harness the power of your subconscious mind to shape your own reality. The more likely your subconscious mind believes something, the more likely you are to actually achieve it.

Consider visualization as part of your meditative practice. You need to find a quiet space where you can focus on your hopes and dreams uninterrupted, so get comfortable. The best times to practice visualization are first thing in the morning, at night when you lay down, or during a meditation or yoga session. Turn off any potential interruptions so you can focus.

When visualizing your goals, think about what success looks like. For example, if you hope to buy your dream home one day, picture the house and property down to the tiniest detail. Imagine yourself parking in the driveway and walking up to the front door. What sounds do you hear? What smells welcome you into the foyer? How does the natural light illuminate the space? Or, you might want to be happy but what does happiness look like for you? Is it enjoying hobbies, exploring new places, getting a promotion at work, spending more time with loved ones, or something else? The idea is to envision what your life feels like once you've purchased that house and can finally call it your own, or are pursuing the life that makes you feel happy and fulfilled.

There are many ways to practice visualization. If you're a visual person, create vision boards with pictures of your hopes and dreams. You can hang one on your office wall or create a digital collage to use as your laptop's wallpaper. A vision board provides a visual representation of the things that are important to you and what you want from your life. Browse through magazines and cut out words and images that best represent your goals. If you're not sure what your goals are, don't worry. You're bound to identify elements that inspire you during your search that can make your goals clearer.

When your vision board is complete, display it prominently at home or at work so you're reminded of where you're headed.

Visualizations can stem from your own imagination, from guided meditations, or from reading scripts you've written about your hopes and dreams. You may find this short video on Visualization for Manifesting By Psychic Roxanne to be an inspirational resource. Visualization engages the imagination and gives you permission to try on different scenarios to see what resonates with you. It’s the day-dreaming part of the process, but to make the Law of Attraction work, you next need to take action.

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Setting Law of Attraction Intentions

How to Set Intentions

Intention is the starting point of every dream and is the creative power that propels you to succeed. By holding firmly to an inner picture of what you want — spiritual awakening, love, health, or wealth — it leads us to fulfill our deep-rooted desires. This seemingly magical power is simply the catalyst that breathes life into your thoughts, words, and actions. Purpose gains its real power through focus.

Do you know what's motivating you? To discern the purpose that is driving the desire, dig a little deeper to understand the genuine impulse behind your intentions. Is it coming from feelings of fear or is it coming from a place of honor and self-worth? Peeling back the layers allows you to move from the thought “I want a new car” to the emotion “I want to feel independent and free to get wherever I need to go without worrying about my car being unreliable. I want to feel comfortable and successful and a new car would help me feel this.” And so on.

 “I’d love to tell you that you have to look up at the first star you see tonight and wish with all your might,” says Psychic Sandy. “But you know that old saying, ‘be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it?’ There’s a more conscious, purposeful way to set intentions so that they manifest a future that you want to happen in your life.”

When we talk about setting intentions, it is often equated with planting a seed. It starts with an idea of something you want to happen in your life. When setting your intention, you are exploring your life path to find a way to manifest what you desire in the future. This is where people often get discouraged. Because of advanced technology and intricate systems that have been created over years, we have become accustomed to instant gratification. Time is very relative when beginning this quest. You want results quickly, but if you want quality, expect to invest your time.

  1. First comes the AIR we breathe: recognize the seed, be very clear about what it is you want to happen, think on it in general terms (such as I want to experience true love).
  2. Then, plant the seed into the EARTH, think about the physical details of the person or object (true love with a person who has these traits). It is important to try to get as specific as possible, because you may find what you want, but then you learn that it wasn’t exactly what you intended.
  3. Next, WATER the seed; focus on what you will feel like when what you wanted to happen is happening, and then what you will feel like when it changes or ends. This is very important because it will change as time passes and could be joyful or painful.
  4. The last step is a process that takes time: to bring energy to your intention, give it the right amount of Sun (FIRE) and recognize it.

Continuing the metaphor, you may have neglected your plant (intention) and now you’re back and there are a bunch of plants growing around it so now you’re not sure which one is it. Nurturing your intention gives it focused energy and helps bring it into being.

Focus your intention on what you want – not what you don’t want

When communicating with the Universe, your language sends a message. So often we think about the type of person we DON'T want or the traits and qualities that we DON'T want in a mate; and yet, those are the types of people we keep attracting to us. The Universe does not work in positives and negatives; it responds to the energy we are concentrating on. So how do we change it? Switch your focus to the person you DO want! Really focus on the personality, physical features, and interests you want your ideal mate to have. Place your order with the Universe. Allow yourself to feel the Universe drawing this person closer to you.

If you’re struggling to keep your focus on what you want as opposed to what you don’t want, that’s a signal that life experiences, lessons learned from childhood, or other subconscious thoughts are standing in your way. Perhaps you can describe the perfect lover, but find your mind constantly going down a path of what he or she should not be or do based on your last relationship. Try as you will to focus only on the positive, your mind keeps traveling back to this unhealed place.

Take those negative ideas out of the closet and look at them. Write them down. Don’t be ashamed to admit to yourself you have been running these old tapes for as long as you can remember. Then get to work. Get someone supportive, who loves you, on your side to help you to change your old ideas. Better yet, form an agreement that you will help them to do the same!

Now, one by one take the idea that is not working for you and write down its OPPOSITE, in the present tense. For example, if the old idea is that “my ideal mate cannot be <x, y, and z - fill in the blanks> because I always get my heart broken” try changing it to “I have learned my lessons; I know what I want and how to protect my heart, and I can find it in a partner.”

Quietly and consistently repeat these positive statements to yourself whenever the doubt arises. Feel the feeling in your heart of having what you desire already in your life. Practice, practice, practice the new thoughts and ideas. When the going gets tough and you stop believing, repeat, repeat, repeat!

Keep in mind when setting your intentions that it is necessary to focus on yourself without invading the space of another person. Don’t place your energy and intention upon someone who may not want to participate in your adventure. Your goals are about what is best for you and what will personally make you happy.

Commit to Putting Your Intentions in Writing

After you have figured out your goals, visions, and intentions, write them down. This is an important part of this process because you will need a visual reminder that you can look at on a regular basis. Here are some options for anchoring your intentions.

Option 1 - You can store them in your cellphone or tablet. If you use your cellphone as a storage device, then set alarms that will go off at regular intervals to remind you to view them. When you look at your list of intentions, imagine yourself having already attained them. Allow yourself to experience the happiness you get by reaching your goals. In other words, act as if the desired results are already in your life.

Option 2- If you store the list on your computer, it is important to print it out and place the list in a prominent place so you can see the goals throughout your day and evening.

Option 3 – Yes, you can go old-school and use trusty pen and paper to jot down your intentions as well. Just make sure you keep tabs on your list, so you don’t misplace it. Like Option 2 above, display it in a prominent place and maybe make more than one copy, just to be safe!


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Meditate on Your Intentions to Amplify their Vibration

Meditate on Your Intentions to Amplify their Vibration

At least once per day sit quietly while holding your list. Affirm that you have the inner strength to reach your desired results and ask the Universe to guide you. The meditation doesn’t have to be lengthy. But, having a focused intention is what will get you to the preferred end result.

Meditation with affirmation is like seeding a garden, explains Psychic Allison. “Carefully crafted affirmations are words that seed your whole being. The power of affirmation, mantras, and chants are recognized all over the world, in many different societies and cultures. An affirmation is a positive thought that affirms a positive feeling. Your word is your magic wand, speak it and so it is.”

You can be detailed in your affirmations, the more detailed you are the more clear and profound the seed is for yourself and the Universe to recognize (i.e. are you just planting flowers in your garden? Or are you planting white roses, shasta daisies, and mammoth sunflowers?)

Go into your state of meditation and chant aloud or repeat the words in your mind of your carefully crafted affirmation, begin to feel you are living the words of your affirmation. The "I am" is the most powerful statement you can say, the "I am" claims what words you place after it. You may find this effective when you are needing a tool to shift or change your habitual thoughts or behaviors (for example: combating negative self-talk, putting down the cigarette, stepping away from the donut).

Meditating by feeling emotionally connected to your affirmation, your highest self, and God, you will begin to radiate at a higher level of energy. You will begin to see changes happening in your life, opportunities will arise as the affirmations will transform from your words and thoughts to become manifest and realized.

The late Psychic Joseph offered this guided nightly meditation to his clients:

“When you go to bed and all is still and quiet, take a few deep breaths and relax. In your mind’s eye, see yourself going through your day-to-day routine as if you were watching a movie. Create this scene so real that you can see the colors in the fabric of your clothing. Create the sounds and smells of the day. If there is something cooking in the kitchen, smell what is cooking.

If any negative emotions should surface in your mind, let them. Let go of all the fear, worry, doubt, anger, sadness, disappointment, or anything else that stands in the way of you living your greatest dreams. See them as a heavy black mass pouring out of your body, falling into the earth, and dissolving. Know that they’re gone for good.

Now, go back to the scene where you’re going through your day-to-day routine. See yourself having everything you want in every area of your life. See yourself incredibly happy, enjoying life to the fullest. Create these scenes in your mind as real as you can. Create the sights, sounds, smells and emotions as real as you can. See yourself radiating with positive energy as you attract everything you want easily and effortlessly. If you wish, see them just floating in the door and coming to you. Don’t try to guess how these blessings will come; let the Universe decide that. See yourself enjoying all the wonderful things you’ve manifested into your life.

When you’re ready and can feel the joy and happiness coming from your visualization, hold that image in your mind’s eye.  Picture yourself surrounded in a bright bubble of brilliant pink light. Hold that thought for a moment. Now, let yourself drift off to sleep normally and naturally.

If you forget to do this visualization one night, don’t beat yourself up. We beat ourselves up enough already! Remember, change takes time. Meditation for change is not like instant coffee. It is more like a slow brew. When you do this exercise have fun and enjoy it. As your subconscious mind starts to accept what you’re seeing in your nightly visualization, it’ll start to make these things happen in your life.”

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Embrace the Present and Think Forward

Embrace the Present and Think Forward

Skeptics might argue that the Law of Attraction creates a kind of moral laziness; that instead of going after your dreams you’re encouraged to passively wait for the Universe to deliver. That’s not quite it. Manifestation is an active form of co-creation. Whether you are visualizing, setting intentions, anchoring yourself to a state of gratitude, having faith – these are all just as active and worthy pursuits as making plans and taking practical action. The same is true for releasing your attachment to a particular outcome. When you energetically release yourself from the result, you allow yourself to live in the flow, or as Psychic Angelica describes in her article Passionate Detachment - Manifestations Juicy Little Secret, “living in a state of passionate detachment.” You open yourself to signs and synchronicities, to being guided.

“What happens to all of us at times when we want to manifest something in our lives is that we keep asking and demanding, “Where is it? It’s not here yet! When is it coming?” Doing that pushes away the manifestation” explains Psychic Paige in her article, Manifesting Whatever You Want - Letting Go Of The When And How. “When you continue to focus on the when and the how, you are limiting your experience.”

Our Advisors will encourage you to live your life fully, in a way that brings you into energetic alignment with your desires. Create a positive life by believing, trusting, and having faith in yourself. Release the past and embrace the present. The past is just that, "PAST."

Like going to the gym or starting a new meditation routine, know that your manifesting, like your body and mind’s well-being, needs attention. It requires your active involvement in the process of co-creation. You’ll face obstacles that may test you, or they may lead you in an exciting direction you never imagined. The time, effort, and commitment you invest in expanding your consciousness along the way to fulfillment is something to rejoice. When we live thoughtfully, we can experience an extraordinary life path.

Manifesting and Free Will

A key to the Law of Attraction is responsibility. We are responsible for the state of our own lives. We are not necessarily responsible for each circumstance, but that is because we interact with other human beings and we all have free will and free agency. It is our responsibility, however, how we react to our life circumstances.

Psychic Robbi puts it this way. “We know that we have choices to make every moment we live, move, breathe and foster our being on this planet. We know that we are here to participate in our own life direction and that the choices we make have great bearing on the outcome of lives. No matter what religion, faith, or belief system you follow, free will or free agency is a unique part of our basic “God-given” rights. Even when we don’t appear to be making a choice on something, we actually are. We are choosing not to make a different choice. Free will is innate in our beings. It is subjective and it is imprinted indelibly on the soul.”

Manifestation requires us to take responsibility. Robbi continues,

“If an apple disconnects from a branch on the apple tree, it will fall to the ground. Why? It will fall because of the Law of Gravity. We can work with natural laws or we can work against them. You can climb a ladder and pick an apple from an apple tree, or you can shake a branch so that the apple falls and then pick it up. If you stand and stare at a particular apple on the tree, nothing will happen. You would likely have to wait a very long, long time for the apple to “do” anything. Manifestation is the same. You can wait for a dream to come true or you can take positive action to bring the vision into reality.”

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What to Do when the Law of Attraction is not Working

Law of Attraction Isn't Working? Here's What to Do

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. You bring into your life what you put out into the Universe. Think positive, receive positive. Think negative, receive negative.

But what happens when you 'think' you are being positive and you receive negative?

According to Psychic Sandra, there are two possible answers.

1. The Universe has something better in store for you OR

2. You didn't phrase your 'want' accurately

Say you've been wanting to manifest a specific job or a relationship with a specific person. You're convinced it's exactly what you need. Often, the problem is not that we aim too high. It’s far more likely that we aim too low. “ Ultimately, we are here to achieve soul development,” notes Robbi, “but until that becomes a conscious part of our awareness, we may think we are here to manifest persons, places, things, and achievements.”

Simply saying to the Universe, “I want to be rich” isn't specific enough. Rich, how? Rich in friends? Rich in nature? Rich in time? Even the word 'want' is tricky. Saying, “I want one million dollars so I don't have to work and can retire to Fiji” will get you exactly that .... the WANT of money and retirement. Phrasing one's desires to the Universe takes precise examination.

Consider this, “Financial security and happy retirement come to me easily.” This mantra will set free your 'wants' and clear the path to getting exactly what your heart truly desires to attract. 

When we attempt to manifest out of a desire to control something in our reality, without first adjusting our vibration, we will still manifest. It just may not be what we want. Remember, like attracts like. We will attract according to how we are feeling, how we are vibrating. No amount of planning, practicality, or manipulation will create the world we want to see if we are not vibrating in harmony with our vision. 

Remember, it’s not about the car. It’s about the feeling we are after. Focus on the feeling. The Universe may or may not deliver the car, but if you do it right, you’ll get something far more valuable.

When we are in sync with our Universe, we are in sync with the principles of manifestation.

Does the Universe Owe You Anything?

Psychic Robbi tells this story about a client who came to him to discuss the Law of Attraction. 

“The question he put to me was more of a statement. ‘The Universe,’ he said, ‘owes me a living.’ He went on spouting off about this marvelous universe that was set in place to grant his every wish and fulfill his every need.

After about fifteen minutes, I asked my client, “How is the Universe doing in supplying what you want and ask of it?” 

As it turned out, that was his problem. The Universe wasn’t supplying him with anything he wanted, and he was confused. He wanted help with how to control the universe via the Law of Attraction. Since that client, I have met others with the same attitude.” 

The Universe is an operable set of laws that are in constant motion. These laws cover such sciences at physics, mathematics and even metaphysics. There are more, of course, but the point is this, the Universe has a consciousness, but one that supports, facilitates, and keeps in motion all these laws. 

We are responsible to the Universe, rather than the reverse. It is our duty and obligation, if we want to develop and evolve in this world and in the Universe, to discover and learn these laws, and to work with the flow of universal energy. When we are in synchronicity with the Universe and universal laws, we are fully activating the Law of Attraction and drawing into our lives, automatically, our personal growth and our wants and needs.

“The Universe is complex in its seeming infinity, yet very simple once we learn the laws of the Universe and throw away man-made rules that are useless, frustrating and powerless,” notes Robbi. “My client had adopted a man-made rule that had no substance or validity. The Universe did not owe him a living. He owed the Universe commitment and responsibility to learn the laws governing his world and to learn how to maneuver within to draw to him what he wanted. Once he learned how to get in sync with the Universe, his life changed, and he began experiencing genuine happiness, fulfillment and manifestation.”

It's Up to You

Having faith truly means you know, without a doubt, things will work out. Believing is that you “know” 100% it will work out and having trust is “trusting” that things will work out. It’s a subtle, but important difference. 

Manifesting our deepest desires will turn our way of thinking around. It’s all in how we take the challenges that are thrown at us.

Live Your Life. Start each day by telling yourself, how beautiful you are. Think and speak of positive things. Create and manifest your deepest desires. You ARE worthy. 

For more resources on making manifestation work for you, check out these resources and reach out to our Advisors for guidance, inspiration, and support.


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Life Destiny Meaning

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