How to Free Yourself from Pain and Suffering by Psychic Opal

Date 8/23/2021

No one else is you, and that makes you powerful!

No one else is you, and that makes you powerful!

Often, we look at our darkness as a fault of our own character. We give it power by allowing it to hold us back. However, we no longer need to fall victim of our own self. We are given two options: live our life repeating the same cycles that lead to nowhere but dissatisfaction of our soul. Or choose acceptance, and honor that in order to have balance one must have both light and dark energies. 

We are given the amazing choice to step into our power and rise above one step at a time. In order to do so we must have an inner-standing where we can see the deeper meaning and purpose of why certain patterns and traumas may have occurred. Please do not fear your own self as nobody is you and that is your power! 

Ask yourself what has pain, trauma or habits taught you? 

How can this assist you on your journey? 

Are you running away from something that needs to be felt in order to be released? 

Our soul knows the answers.
The key is we must silence the mind and labels in order to extract the medicine. This medicine can set us free from pain when we use it as a lesson and message on our life path. 

Today I ask you to free yourself from holding on to pain.
Only you hold the scissors to cut out what is no longer serving your highest good. This is your gift, this is your truth. Bless it and bring it to the world. 

Dive deep, ask questions, trust the messages you receive and apply the lesson! I have such in faith in you so step into your higher self.

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