How to Find Your Spirit Guide

Published Date 5/5/2019
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Meditation can help you find your spirit guide

Meditation can help you find your spirit guide

Spirit guides are beings that were assigned to us before birth. These beings help guide us through our lives, but finding them, learning how to communicate with them, and finding ways to connect with them can prove to be challenging. We're surrounded by noise and often distracted, so it's important to set aside time and figure out how to find your spirit guide.

Look for Signs

The first way to identify spirit guides is to look for signs in your everyday life. You may not always have the same guides throughout your entire life. Some spirit guides pop in and out as needed, while others are your constant companions. Since they can see what is happening in our lives on a larger scale, it's important to look for those signs and respond to their guidance.

You might hear a certain song multiple times or have a topic come up in conversations with different people. These signs are worth paying attention to, as they could be coming from a guide that knows what you need to learn at that moment.

Intuition and Feelings

When you have a flash of intuition or hear a voice in your head, this experience could also be coming from your spirit guide. These situations often seem to come out of nowhere but contain important information that may pertain to your life. Don't tune out your intuition or ignore these voices. Instead, focus on what they are saying and try to understand how they could be applied to situations in your own life. 

People in Your Life 

Another way that spirit guides may nudge you is to introduce new people into your life. Your guide may be connected with another spirit guide who knows what another person needs in a specific moment. Maybe you're thinking about relocating and you bump into a friend who works as a real estate agent. Perhaps you are struggling in a situation and you meet someone new who has recently been through something similar. These are not chance encounters, but doors opening for you by your spirit guide.

Connecting With Your Spirit Guide 

Although it would be easier if you could send a text message to your spirit guide for help, that's not how it works. You'll have to spend time and exert effort to learn how to look for and identify the presence of your guides in your life. If you have questions about spirit guides, an online clairvoyant may be able to help you look for signs or find ways that they are clearly present. 

As you set aside time to sit quietly and really listen, meditate, and feel the presence of your guides, it becomes easier to find them and their influences in your life. Consider creating a sacred space in your home where you can go to get away from the noise of everyday life and really look for signs.

An online psychic reading can also help you get more in tune with your spiritual guides and gain a better understanding into how they are helping you.


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