How to Determine Your Lucky Number

Published Date 3/11/2019
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What's your lucky number?

Numerology studies the perceived relationships between numbers and names and birth dates. Practitioners believe that the resulting numbers have noticeable effects on a person’s life path and personality. Numerology calculates things as diverse as hidden passions and inner dreams, although one of its most common uses is to find lucky numbers. A numerologist can help you find out which number will bring you luck in life, although you can get started by working it out yourself.

What’s Your Number?

To find your lucky number, you start by adding the numbers in your birth date. For example, former President Barack Obama’s birth date is August 4, 1961. To find his lucky number, you would calculate 8 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 1 = 29. A lucky number is between one and nine, hence you would make further calculations: 2 + 9 = 11 plus 1 + 1 = 2. The first number reached between one and nine is that person’s lucky number. Have a go at working out your own.

What Does Your Lucky Number Say About You?

There’s more to a lucky number than just what digits will work best for you while playing the lottery. In numerology, a lucky number is more often used to describe a specific set of personality traits and characteristics.

Lucky Number: 1

Lucky number 1 alludes to leadership. You can sometimes overdo things, but your ability to recover quickly should see you through. You have strong relationships, and you’re not afraid to put time into nurturing them.

Lucky Number: 2

Lucky number 2 likes to keep the peace. While not afraid of confrontation, you will certainly do your best to avoid it. When it does occur, tact, diplomacy, and understanding are among your strengths.

Lucky Number: 3

Lucky number 3 is one of the most creative numbers. Because of this, you may find success with a career in the arts. You tend to like taking center stage, although you often battle procrastination.

Lucky Number: 4

Lucky number 4 often represents masculinity, strength, and stability. While trustworthy and patient, goals and discipline are important.

Lucky Number: 5

Lucky number 5 is the most dynamic of numbers. Independence, risk-taking, and adventure comes naturally to you. When you find your niche in life, you’ll scramble to the top quicker than most.

Lucky Number: 6

Lucky number 6 associates itself most with those who are loving and harmonious. Just like a mother, you care, protect, and heal. Note that there’s a fine line between caring and intrusion, though.

Lucky Number: 7

Lucky number 7 is the thinking number. Always questioning, you rarely take anything at face value. Your intellect is not always obvious, but you are typically relentless when pursuing the truth of the matter.

Lucky Number: 8

Lucky number 8 concerns itself with money and power, although there’s more to you. Whether considering spirituality against religion or material against immaterial, you tend to view life as something of a balancing act.

Lucky Number: 9

Lucky number 9 takes the harmony of number 6 to the next level. You don’t restrict your warm outlook to your family and friends. You’re happy enough to share it with the world. You are tolerant and humanitarian.

If you’d like a greater understanding of lucky numbers or numerology as a whole, it’s a good idea to consult an expert. A live psychic reading offers a quick and easy way to find out more about how you can use your lucky number to your advantage.


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