How to Awaken The Third Eye

Published Date 10/17/2015
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Awaken your third eye to gain a higher level of consciousness

An awakened third eye brings you to a state of enlightened consciousness and allows you to view the world in a way that's nearly supernatural. While it doesn't mean you've become a psychic or suddenly have magical powers, an open third eye gives you more control over your emotions and your mind while developing a deep sense of intuition about the surrounding world. You can't awaken your third eye instantly, but certain practices will help you slowly open up.

What is the Third Eye?

Before you commit to opening your third eye, or inner eye, you need to fully understand what it is and what power it holds. This mystical concept is an invisible eye that gives you perception beyond the normal, everyday sense of sight. It's the gateway to your inner spaces and higher consciousness. Associated often with clairvoyance, religious vision, out-of-body experiences, and the ability to perceive auras and chakras, awakening your third eye can give you access to levels of consciousness beyond what you see every day.

Practice Meditation Regularly

Learning how to meditate effectively will help you awaken your third eye. The more often you meditate, the more effective it will be for you, helping you grow more aware and mindful as you progress. An authentic psychic can help guide you with this practice.

First, you should find the right environment, a quiet place where you can sit alone for at least a half hour. Sit with good posture and relax your body, releasing tension from your muscles. Then you can relax your mind, which is an essential and often very challenging part of opening your third eye. Focus all of your attention on the outside world.

Utilize Crystals

Certain crystals target your pineal gland and help awaken the third eye. Pay close attention to color, as violet, dark purple, and indigo crystals in particular stimulate the pineal gland and balance the 6th and 7th chakras. You can place crystals right on the third eye for about 15 to 30 minutes each day. Another exercise involves an amethyst wand or obelisk crystal. Point it at your third eye while, with your eyes closed, looking right at the sun.

Keep Track of Your Dreams

Some dreams function as premonitions. A dream analyzer can help you uncover meaning, but first you must log and track your dreams. You can do this by starting a dream diary. Keep this journal near your bed so you can log dreams right when you wake up. This can show you any connections between your dreams and daily life. Perhaps something you dream later comes true in waking life, which can show that your third eye is opening.

Various practices allow you to awaken your third eye and become more mindful, connected to your own emotions, and intuitive about the world around you. By keeping track of and analyzing your dreams, working with crystals, and practicing meditation, to name only a few things, you'll start to open your third eye and connect more to the world.


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