How do I connect with my 6th sense?

Published Date 10/28/2012
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Find a divination tool that you are drawn to

I have been reading for over 20 years and I find my client always ask me how they can develop their own psychic experiences. So here are a few pointers on doing just that.

First of all to develop your psychic senses you must have a strong spiritual belief system, a belief that allows you to embrace the fact that we all are gifted with psychic abilities, that they lay dormant within until we decided to focus on them bring it to the surface.

The next thing is to quiet the mind. Solitude and quietness of mind is essential to listen to the inner voice that resides in us all. The voice they tells you not to so something because you have a bad feeling or a feeling something great is going happen and it does. Psychic work is all done without mental mind. If you are thinking, you wont be able to hear that voice. Mental mind is the hardest thing to quiet so I suggest humming or chanting to block out thought.

Next I would find a divination tool that I am drawn to. For some its the tarot, but there are many different tools for telling future, so google it and find one that fits or call to you. After you become familiar with the tool that you are going use, start practicing. Practice on friends and family and then when you are more comfortable ask your friends and family if they have anyone you don't know that you can read for.

Cold readings are the best to evaluate if you are connecting to that inner voice. So don't do cold readings until you are very familiar with your tools, Lastly, trust that voice, even if it doesn't make sense. Many times I give readings to client who tell me there is no way that is gonna happen, and a few weeks later, it does. So trust yourself, don't let the person your reading for change your mind or make you doubt yourself.

Always say a prayer before you begin and asked the powers that be to lead you in your reading.

Much love and many blessings.

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