Healing Connections through the Heart Chakra by Psychic Minerva

Published Date 9/6/2019
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A balanced heart chakra is very important to forming relationships.

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We all struggle with trying to achieve healthy relationships. It can be a challenge trying to figure out ways to attain loving and happy relationships without overdoing it or being too guarded. One way to achieve balance is to learn to work with our energy centers, especially the heart chakra.

Balance Your Heart Chakra
The 4th chakra, also known as the heart chakra, is our connection center. The heart chakra allows us to form relationship connections with others on all levels, whether it is platonic, romantic or family.  When our 4th chakra is imbalanced we often experience unhealthy connections that can manifest in a variety of ways; such as being emotionally cold and detached, or abusive, as well as excessively needy which may emotionally restrict our relationships.

An imbalanced heart chakra can turn us into an unemotional person, or a doormat with no boundaries.  The key to healthy relationships, whether it’s with friends, family or loved ones is a balance. In order to achieve a healthy and fulfilling relationship, it helps to balance out the heart chakra. 

To help you create balance, we present the following meditative exercise.

Heart Chakra Meditation
Find a quiet place where you would not be disturbed. Closing your eyes, imagine yourself surrounded by a white protective light. While you are safely encased in the energy of the white light, focus your attention in the middle of your chest.  Take a minute to think about all the things you are most afraid when it comes to connecting to others.  As you think of the fears, image them all coming out your chest like a cloud of smoke. Become aware of how clear you feel as you release the release the smoke making your chest feel light clear. 

Now image a pink light infusing your chest with joy and peace and feel it become light-hearted. Now imagine the light beaming outward and connecting to the universe’s divine energy and creating a bridge.  

As you connect to the divine energy, feel the energy of love infusing you. Allow yourself to keep the energy going back and forth between you and the universe. When you feel ready, disconnect from the activity, knowing this connection is ongoing.  Slowly focus on your entire body. Allow the pink light to rest inside your chest.  Then focus on your outer body and the protective white light. Sit quietly for a few minutes and think about the process. When you are ready, open your eyes.

The exercise is designed to help shape your views on love and how to tap into its vibrations. Keep in mind you do not need a specific partner to enjoy the energy of love because it is a vibration that continuously surrounds us. As you do this exercise, know that you are loved, and that love surrounds your inner and outer world. Understand that love is a vibration that exists inside and outside your physical reality.  Practice this a few times, until you feel a shift in energy, and you begin to notice improvements in your connections with others.  Keep mind, this is a process and change will occur gradually over time.
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