Have a Yellow Spring to Lift Your Spirit by Psychic Agatha

Published Date 5/1/2014
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

The color yellow just has that cheerful effect!

Ahh spring is finally in the air with its call back to fresh, new life, inviting us to go outside and enjoy, laugh and love! Despite the troubled astrological situation, this spring could be ideal for many to look for the perfect partner, inspiring new friends as well as challenging and creative pursuits that will fill your heart and soul in the future. An ancient Spanish proverb says: when the waters are troubled the fisherman gains, so be awake and alert because opportunities will arise for those who try to look at the sunny, bright side of life.

Let’s focus on the positive energy of the sun. It’s like being on a bus and having the possibility to sit next to either window. One is showing a tight, gray sky, either dull and heavy or about to storm. The other is showing a beautiful sky shimmering with a pale yellow or golden light that communicates peace, abundance and hope for tomorrow. Both sides are real, but where will you choose to sit and focus on?

Yellow choices may become hard to keep in cloudy, rainy days, which we’ll have a bunch of. This is especially true when we’re experiencing blocks or life seems temporarily stagnant. We know it’s crucial for us to hold on our positive intentions because little is carved in stone and we want and deserve to materialize our life dreams.

In order to help you with this intention my spirit guides and I have come up with a few easy multisensory tips that’ll be extremely helpful for people sensitive to color, weather, emotions and mental energy.

  • Wear yellow clothing. Use the shade of yellow that best suits your mood and personality. Bright, pastel and clear shades are preferable. You can combine with light brown or tan for grounding.

  • Wear, carry or place a citrine gemstone in your environment. Citrine is always clean and happy, bringing sunshine and attracting manifestation into your life. Look at it or place it next to your skin when the sky is gray and you feel blue.

  • Smell and taste are very important senses we tend to disregard. Mandarin, lemon essences and fruits can lift your mind, heart and spirit. Eat oranges or mandarins, drink freshly squeezed orange juice and/or inhale mandarin or lemon essential oils. They are great quick fixes.

  • If you need some Feng Shui help, paint your room or your office in a pale yellow shade. This color has a creative, warm and positive glow that removes stagnant energy toward your next step in life.

  • Pamper your ears and look for a birdsong CD to play in your car or at home while you’re doing your chores or intellectual work.

Have a great spring and know that the Universe is on your side to manifest everything you desire. You just need to keep tapping! Love and smiles :)

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