Get Your Mojo Back and Enjoy Your Life by Psychic Jackie

Published Date 12/3/2014
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You only miss out on the happiness that you hold back from yourself.

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The dictionary defines mojo as: Good luck, charm or skill that seems to come from something magical or supernatural.

My definition goes something like this: The unexpected joy and amazing possibilities and potentials of the soul.

From time-to-time in our busy digital world, everyone gets distracted. All the obligations to the people in our lives and the day-to-day responsibilities can wear you down. Eventually, it may seem like we are just going through the motions. If you’re living a complicated, stress-filled life, you may feel that your mojo is missing.

It's time to refocus and reawaken the joy that you used to feel. Here’s a simple plan to get your mojo back.

Find the Hooks

There’s a reason that you’ve come this far in the first place. There’s something you like about the life you’ve built. There are people who love you and things that interest you. But has the passion you once had for a hobby or a job slipped away?

The things and people you’re passionate about are your hooks. Appreciate the details of those hooks even if it means writing them down and thinking about what they mean to you. You may find yourself with people's names, hobbies, old dreams, places that you have always wanted to visit, interests you once had or things you love to do like reading, fishing or exercising. This can be as specific as a religion you once practiced or as general as a time of the year (autumn).

These are your hooks because they once anchored or “hooked” you into life.

Plan a Path


Start by developing a program that allows you to have as many of your passions as possible. Even if you never really got to experience them the first time around, plan a way to enjoy them in the future.

Your plan should be as specific as possible—go back to church, go to the bookstore and get new books, start fishing on the weekends, or call an old friend.
Some hooks may take detailed planning. For instance, if you have always wanted to be an electrician or go on a cruise you may have to plan the steps involved (save $100/month to go on a cruise or find a school that offers courses for students who want to be electricians).

You’ve just re-set your priorities in life.

Take Action

Reactivate your hobby and re-energize your relationships. Work on your list of priorities.

Envision your life filled with the things that interest you, accomplishing the goals that you need to reach. Spend more time with the people you enjoy. Even if you just take one small step a day towards the life you want, take action!

Open up the doorway to the optimism you used to know. The more you act, the more you want to act. In no time, you’ll have your Mojo back.

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luvmylife: Thanks for the reminder, Jackie! I'm definitely on the lookout for my mojo. I obviously left it somewhere I shouldn't have. Love you lots! B

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