Freeing Ourselves From Negative Patterns

Date 2/26/2019

Negative patterns can impact how we treat the people important to us.

Negative patterns can impact how we treat the people important to us.

We're all guilty of sometimes falling into negative patterns. These negative patterns can deal with how we treat ourselves, or they can affect how we interact with others — or both. It's important to learn to identify our own bad patterns so that we can then learn how to act to eventually remedy the way they impact our lives.

Why Do We Get Stuck in Negative Patterns?

Whether it's the way we act or the way we think, we all fall into negative patterns at one time or another. This can relate to how we treat ourselves as well as how we act with our loved ones or other people. It's unfortunately very easy to get stuck in the negative patterns we create. Having a live psychic chat is one way to start identifying the negative patterns you may not even realize you're stuck following. But how do we get there in the first place?

Each pattern you repeat comes from a certain belief you hold at your core, and every negative pattern comes from a belief in some kind of limitation. This can come from beliefs that others ingrained in you, or from an earlier experience that led you to make up a limiting belief for yourself.

Beliefs are powerful. You attract what you believe. That means you don't experience something beyond what you believe. You fulfill your own beliefs, time and time again. When the belief is something that limits you, it leads to negativity. And when it repeats again and again over time, you find yourself stuck in a pattern of negativity.

Negative Patterns to Watch Out For In Our Lives

We can't break out of a negative pattern without identifying it first. Sometimes we know we're doing something, but we can't yet recognize that it's something essentially negative. Pushing away responsibility, complaining, or devaluing yourself and others are some obvious examples of negative patterns that many people follow.

But some things, like not questioning assumptions, not staying in the present moment, and not listening to what your body needs are a little less obvious. When we let ourselves get stuck in these negative ways of thinking for too long, we form self-defeating habits.

How to Release Ourselves From Negative Patterns

Once we learn to recognize the negative patterns that guide our lives, we can start to break free from them. To do that, we first need to recognize that we each create our own reality. This gives each person their own power, and removes the feeling of victimhood. It's also important to recognize that we've created our own patterns out of an acceptance of a belief of limitation.

Psychic hotlines can help pinpoint these ultimately untrue beliefs. From there, we can start to put new, more positive beliefs in place.

Though they may not always be clear right away, we all fall into negative patterns throughout our lives. These patterns arise out of our own beliefs, so identifying our beliefs can help highlight our bad patterns and then help us break out of them.


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