Exploring the Power of Sacred Circles

Date 10/20/2020
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What are Sacred Circles?

Sacred circles are an ancient way to create and connect with sacred space, honoring the divinity of nature, other women, and inner divine essence. Sacred circles offer a way to commune with nature, raise energy and consciousness, and create community based on participating from a place of authenticity, vulnerability and truth.

What are Some Common Elements of Sacred Circle Gatherings?
While the structure and format of Sacred Circles may vary based on the tradition being invoked, common elements often include smudging - burning sage to clear away negative energy and purify the space; calling upon the directions, to honor the Earth-based, spiritual associations of North, South, East and West that underlie ancient traditions, and drumming.

Including drumming in sacred circle is a powerful way to tune into our own rhythm while putting us in touch with the heartbeat of the Earth and the rhythms of those with whom we drum. What could otherwise be discordant begins to mesh together into a common rhythm and purpose, as the repetition of the drum creates a mindful state that can be both meditative as well as energizing.

The Gift of Sacred Circle: Being Present
Participating in sacred circle as a powerful way to awaken to the present moment and be fully present. The ancient traditions can take you to a place in which you are keenly aware of your mind, body and spirit and the connections that exist between all beings.


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