Embracing Aging at Any Age Guided Meditation by Psychic Arabella

Date 11/23/2022
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Get in tune with the ageless center of your soul with this guided meditation written by Psychic Arabella.

What does graceful aging having to do with Spirituality? I didn’t think anything, until one day there was a knock at my door and I got up from a meditation I had just finished and opened the door to see the surprised look of a neighbor whom I had just seen a couple of hours before. She laughed a little nervously and said, “You look younger.”

It was then that I realized that the power of the Spirit world and our own existence as spirits having a human experience can affect the way we look, our muscles, tissue and DNA!

That was about 10 years ago, and now that I'm in my 50s, I must admit it can sometimes be a bit of a struggle as I notice my face and body aging. In addition to meditation, I make sure that I keep my body hydrated, I take vitamins and herbal combination products that help naturally balance hormones, and I sometimes massage a facial oil cleanser in before rinsing it off to keep the muscles relaxed. However, I also realize that the body is not who you are, is not your true age. The body is a vehicle much like the way the condition or age of the car you drive around in is not who you are. Your body is simply the vehicle you’re borrowing while you live out this particular life on this planet. Instead of criticizing it, love it, view it and care for it as your precious vehicle which you want to “drive” around in for a long time.

As a medium, I often see loved ones as they looked before they passed away. But they also sometimes present themselves as they were in the prime of their lives, sometimes as young adults, sometimes middle-aged, and sometimes even as children, although they passed as elderly. My experiences inform me that the reason they can do this is because they are not “old bodies”; in fact we are not bodies at all. 

I’d like to gift you with a meditation journey so that you can once again return to that state of knowing that you’re beautiful and loving your body unconditionally. Feel free to return to this meditation again and again; use it as often as you’d like. Please prepare for your journey by getting into a comfortable position. And remember to hydrate your body well afterward.

Warm blessings, Arabella
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Arabella is an advisor with a passion for the creative. She has been channeling songs and stories since she was a child, and began formal training as a channel, tarot card reader, and medium in her adult years. She has completed two 10-day silent meditation retreats.


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