Did You Just Experience a Paranormal Encounter? 5 Ways to Know

Date 6/10/2015

Not all ghosts are this obvious

Not all ghosts are this obvious

For many people, a paranormal encounter describes an encounter with a ghost, but spirits and entities, good and bad, also fall under the paranormal umbrella, as do poltergeists. How would you know whether or not you are having a paranormal experience? Here are five things to look out for.

The Temperature Drops

An obvious indicator that you’re not alone is a sudden unexplained drop in temperature. It’s not the kind of temperature drop that sees you reaching for a sweater, but rather one that gives you shivers down your spine. It’s a phenomenon that researchers describe as cold spots and while no one really has the answer to why it happens, some believe it’s because spirits absorb the surrounding energy as they attempt to manifest.

You Experience Electrical Interference

People who live in haunted houses often have to spend a significant part of their weekly shopping budget on replacement light bulbs because theirs blow so often. It seems that bulbs are no match for the energy that a spirit can create. You might find these electrical problems extend to other areas of your house. The television may switch on itself. Now is probably not the best time to watch "Poltergeist."

Sudden Smells Surround You

Smells are often associated with spirit presence, but you can relax because it’s most likely a deceased loved one who has called in to see how you are. A physical manifestation requires an incredible amount of energy, which is why they are rare. It's more likely that you will suddenly smell your grandpa’s favorite brand of tobacco or your mother’s favorite perfume. These smells are often short-lived, so breathe deeply; you don’t need psychic abilities to know your loved ones are around.

Your Baby or Pet Acts Unusually

Animals and young children are far more in tune with ghostly presences than adult humans - that’s because they’re more sensitive to the energies. Plus, they haven’t been conditioned to believe that ghosts and other paranormal entities don't really exist. If your baby starts cooing at a certain spot or your pet starts following an unseen being around the room or otherwise acts a little unusually, there’s a good chance that they’re seeing something or someone who you aren’t.

You Hear Strange Knocking

Knocking is a fairly common method that spirits use to get your attention, although you should check whether there’s anyone at your front door before you jump to any conclusions. Knocking can come from many sources, but one way to tell whether things that go bump in the night are really the work of the paranormal is to tell the being to knock once for yes and twice for no, then ask it some questions if you’re brave enough.

If you’ve ever had any of these experiences, there’s a decent chance that what you actually experienced was a minor paranormal event. It’s nothing to get worried about, but if you do have any concerns, an authentic psychic reading may help you put your fears to bed.


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