Astral Projections: What Are They Really?

Published Date 5/3/2020

Have you ever slipped outside your body in an astral projection?

Have you ever slipped outside your body in an astral projection?

An astral projection is an out-of-body experience where the soul and physical form separate. During an astral projection, you are completely aware of this separation and intentionally direct your spirit to move beyond your body. Understanding how astral projection works is the key to successfully experiencing this phenomenon.

How Does Astral Projection Occur?

Astral projection can take place intentionally or accidentally. Many people have their first out-of-body experience unintentionally. This often happens to people who have suffered a trauma and astrally project themselves beyond their physical form to watch those who are reviving them or caring for them. Food or water deprivation may also trigger this type of experience.

You might experience astral projection as you're falling asleep. This happens when the mind persists in wakefulness longer than the body. If you find yourself floating in the room above your physical body, you've achieved astral projection.

How to Perform Astral Projection

If you're interested in intentionally triggering astral projection, you must practice the art of allowing your body to fall into a completely relaxed trance-like state, then "rolling" out of it. This is an act that's performed entirely by the mind. Meditation practices may help you strengthen your focus and awareness so you can accomplish astral projection. Speaking with a live psychic might help as well.

Separation between the spirit and body typically occurs when you master the art of separating your spirit's vibrations from those of your body. The two typically happen in tandem but adjusting them so they offset one another will help your spirit project beyond your body.

Myths About Astral Projection

There are many misunderstandings about astral projection. It's important to dispel these and understand the facts instead.

  • Your body cannot become possessed during astral projection.
  • A simple thought of returning to your body will bring you back in an instant.
  • A silver cord permanently tethers your spirit to your body at all times so you can't get lost while projecting.
  • You cannot be harmed on the astral plane, though you may encounter dark entities and unfriendly forces.
  • Your body will not tire during astral projection, so you can return from this state feeling well-rested.

What to Do During Astral Projection

You can travel anywhere with a simple thought during astral projection. You might travel to other parts of the world in an instant. You can visit other planets or galaxies. You can even travel to other planes of existence or revisit past lifetimes. The opportunities are endless and limited only by your desire and imagination.

You cannot typically influence other physical objects during astral projection. While you might be able to visualize certain changes taking place, it's unlikely that these will persist when you return to your physical body.

Astral projection is a fascinating experience. Consider speaking with on online psychic to learn more about how to use astral projection to explore other realms, times, or parts of the world yourself.


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