Astral Projection: Is it for You?

Published Date 11/6/2016
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Astral projection can be a mind-expanding experience.

Did you know it’s possible for your consciousness to leave your body and experience things that are not possible in your physical state? You can do this through astral projection. Take a look at what's involved in astral projection to see if it’s right for you.

What Is Astral Projection?

Astral projection is an out-of-body experience where your consciousness leaves your body to connect with your astral body. Essentially, you are traveling to a different dimension. Some people have the natural ability to remove their consciousness while it takes others a lot of practice. Astral projection typically takes place as a lucid dream, but you can also be in a state of deep meditation. The hard part is trying to remember what happened after your astral projection is over. It’s kind of like a dream where you can sometimes remember what happened, but the thoughts fade quickly.

How Do You Prepare for Astral Projection?

To experience astral projection, you must be completely relaxed. It helps to wear comfortable clothing and to lie down or recline. Also, your physical body may become cold when your conscious travels out of it, so put a comforter over your body and make sure the heat in your room is turned up. Also, make sure to keep a pen and a piece of paper nearby so that you can write down everything you remember as soon as you regain consciousness. If you wait even 10 minutes, you could forget the most important parts of your experience.

What Can You Expect During Astral Projection?

The best way to describe what you’ll experience during astral projection is a dream. You’ll appear to be in a real domain that is analogous with other worlds. There will be people and objects that you are familiar with and that even parallel your physical setting on earth. However, the difference is that the physical laws found on earth are not the same as in the astral plane. That means you may see or experience things that could never happen on earth. Everything will seem very real, including your movements. You may feel like you’re falling, walking, gesturing, and more. Afterward, you may want to consult with an authentic psychic to see if there was anything you were meant to learn from the experience.

Can You Die While Astral Projecting?

Your physical body is still susceptible to physical death during astral projection, but it does not put you at greater risk. However, during astral projection, your consciousness leaves your body and becomes vulnerable. You're only attached to your physical body with a "silver umbilical cord." This cord is very strong and can travel a very long distance. Therefore, you don’t have to be too concerned about it breaking. Yes, technically this could happen, resulting in your physical death, but it is extremely rare.

Astral projection is fun and intriguing. It shows that your consciousness goes on living after your physical death. However, make sure that your consciousness is vibrating at a high frequency before you begin in order to protect yourself from demons and other evil beings. Ask your spirit guides to protect you and talk to an online psychic to get advice.


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