Are You Following Through on Your Resolutions?

Published Date 4/2/2013
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Setting the goal is one thing, but reaching it is another!

The beginning of the year is a time for creating resolutions, but many people tend to have trouble following through with the promises they make to themselves. Whether you made a New Year's resolution to lose weight or spend more time with your children, do you have a plan of action? Have you been following through?

There are a couple of ways you can reach your goals and gain a sense of pride after the new year kicks off.

First, the Wall Street Journal recommends writing a strategy down for tackling these objectives on a daily basis. While you may not be able to fulfill a goal over the course of 24 hours, having it down on paper will help you stay on the path toward eventually achieving it.

Next, claims that taking it one step at a time can do wonders for your resolutions. Don't overstretch yourself and set realistic expectations to see the best results.

Besides being realistic, set measurable goals. Having a resolution to "lose weight," or to "call your mother more," is very easy to lose track of and fall back into old habits. Give yourself a number: "I'll lose 10 lbs by summer," or "I'll call my mom twice a week."

You can take this even further by setting a plan of attack. Create an exercise and eating plan to help reach your goal. Set specific times during the week that you will call your mom. It'll be a lot harder to "forget to call" when you've scheduled a time.

Three months into the year and you've already given up on your resolution? There's still hope! Start a new one. Evaluate why the resolution failed in the first place. Was it not realistic enough? What got in the way? When you can pinpoint the obstacles, it will be much easier to overcome them.

Now set a new goal and get to work!

Finally, consider contacting a psychic line if you're having trouble creating objectives that you can actually reach. Authentic psychic readings can help you put everything from your career to your relationships into perspective. This will give you a better idea of what you need to work on in the future.


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